Navratri Special Diet Tips For Healthy Fasting

Navratri is highly significant to Hindu followers, who keep a strict fast for nine days. Few people observe a Nirjala Vrat, or fast without food or water, in addition to avoiding eating meat, grains, and pulses. However, those who fast under specific dietary limitations can adhere to these detoxification and weight loss recommendations. 

Keep yourself hydrated

You can understand how crucial it is to stay hydrated during fasting time, given that staying hydrated is one of the most important things to remember in regular life. For hydration, you can have coconut water, juices, or water. Juices and coconut water will restore the lost nutrients and keep your body energised.


There is a way to break the fast. Since fasting can be an exhausting procedure that damages your body from the inside out. Long-term fasting is not advised because it harms the body and causes you to eat more food all at once. Therefore, schedule your meals so you can consume a variety of smaller, healthier meals throughout the day. This is because consuming high calories at once, even from nutritious foods, is not a good idea and causes a spike in blood sugar levels.

Have healthy homemade snacks

When Navratri starts, a variety of prepared delicacies labelled as "Vrat ka Khana" and "Navratri munchies" will be available. Still, because many are too busy celebrating and fasting to prepare meals, they succumb to the temptation. However, homemade snacks are a better choice than store-bought ones, which may contain vegetable oil, chemicals, extra sugar, salt, and more, all of which are detrimental to weight loss.

Low-fat food

Low-fat foods give you critical nutrients like protein, amino acids, and minerals. Full-fat milk, cheese, and a lot of sugar are common ingredients in meals for the Navratri diet. During the vrat, people prepare dishes like Samak kheer, Sabu Dana kheer, Kuttu Puris, etc. However, if they want to shed pounds and encourage detoxification, they should eat baked, grilled, and more veggie-based foods instead of fatty ones.