Navratri 2023: Vrat Friendly Menu for Post-Kirtan Gatherings

With Navratri 2023 starting from 15th October, people have already started to get their homes decorated in bright colours and the air is filled with religious fervour. During these nine sacred days dedicated to Goddess Durga, kirtan and paaths are hosted in the homes of devotees, gathering friends and family to sing devotional songs and offer prayers to the goddess. While many among the guests observe fasts during this time, it's essential to provide vrat-friendly dishes for the post-Kirtan gatherings. To cater to those fasting during this time, here's a thoughtfully curated vrat-friendly menu for the post-Kirtan feasts. This special selection ensures that the guests, whether fasting or not, can relish a range of delectable and nourishing dishes that align with the spiritual significance of Navratri, celebrating a sense of devotion.


Cold Elaichi Milk: Served in small cups, provides a delightful and refreshing experience after the spiritually charged Kirtan session. The aromatic essence of cardamom infused in chilled milk soothes the senses, offering a cool respite. This simple yet rejuvenating beverage re-energizes guests who have actively engaged in singing, dancing, clapping, and partaking in devotional celebrations. It's a nourishing way to conclude the gathering, leaving everyone with a sense of inner peace and satisfaction. 

Nimbu Shikanji: Nimbu Shikanji, a vrat-friendly beverage seasoned with sendha namak (rock salt), is a refreshing choice for post-Kirtan gatherings. This tangy lemonade is the perfect drink to rehydrate and revitalize after the soulful singing and rhythmic clapping of a Kirtan celebration. The use of sendha namak matches with the fasting traditions of Navratri, while the zesty flavour of lemon imparts a burst of energy. 

As the weather transitions, you can offer the drinks at room temperature, and tea and coffee can also be part of the selection.


Shakarkandi ki Chaat: Shakarkandi ki Chaat, a delightful post-Kirtan snack, offers a blend of sweet and savoury flavours. Sweet potatoes, roasted or boiled, are mixed with chaat masala, lemon juice, and a sprinkle of rock salt, making it suitable for fasting. This light and tangy chaat provides a satisfying and nutritious bite to guests after their participation in the joyous Kirtan celebrations, ensuring they leave with both nourishment and a contented spirit. Its simplicity and unique taste make it an ideal choice for a post-devotional gathering. 

Beetroot and aloo cutlets: Beetroot and aloo cutlets are a delightful vrat-friendly snack option. These cutlets combine the earthy sweetness of beetroots with the comfort of potatoes, seasoned with vrat-friendly ingredients. They are shallow-fried to golden perfection, ensuring a crispy exterior and soft interior. This snack offers a perfect balance of flavours and nutrition, making it a popular choice for guests post-Kirtan gatherings during Navratri. 

Main Course 

Vrat Wala Paneer: Vrat Wala Paneer, a vrat-friendly paneer dish, can be a hearty main course option for guests staying over until dinner. This wholesome preparation combines paneer with just a few vrat-friendly ingredients, making use of sendha namak and black pepper powder creating a well-rounded and satisfying meal. The rich flavours and protein content ensure that guests relish a delicious and fulfilling dish, making it a perfect choice for extending the warm hospitality of a Navratri gathering. 

Kaju Makhana Curry: Kaju Makhana Curry is a vrat-friendly delicacy perfect for post-Kirtan gatherings. This dish combines cashews and foxnuts in a creamy and mildly spiced curry, offering a rich and indulgent option for guests. Its delicious flavours and smooth texture make it a great addition to the menu. It adds a touch of culinary pleasure to the spiritual celebration of Navratri. 


Hot Kuttu ke Atte ki Puris, or buckwheat flour puris, make a wonderful accompaniment for your post-Kirtan gathering. These vrat-friendly puris are deep-fried to golden perfection, offering a delicious and satisfying addition to your meal. Their earthy flavour and crisp texture complement the spirit of the gathering, ensuring guests savour both taste and tradition. 


Sabudana Kheer: Sabudana Kheer is an excellent dessert choice for your guesta staying over after the religioys Kirtan celebrtaions. This creamy and indulgent sweet, made from tapioca pearls, is vrat-friendly and offers a delightful ending to your meal. Its rich and comforting sweetness adds a touch of decadence to the devotional celebration, leaving your guests content and satisfied. 

Rajgiri Ka Halwa: Rajgiri Ka Halwa is a sumptuous dessert option for your Navratri get-togethers. This vrat-friendly delicacy is crafted from amaranth flour, offering a unique and delightful sweetness. Its rich and satisfying taste, combined with the essence of tradition, makes it a perfect choice to conclude your gatherings, leaving your guests with a sense of indulgence and devotion.