Navratri 2023: Devi Katyayani Worshipped On Day 6
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On the sixth day of Navratri, goddess Katyayani – a fierce and widely-worshipped incarnation of Durga, is revered. Deriving her name from her warrior-like demeanour which is meant to put evil to an end, it is said that she was gifted weapons to kill the demon Mahishasura – as per mythology. It is also said that the women of Gokul – the birthplace of Lord Krishna, offered prayers to the goddess as a way of getting a spouse who is an ideal match. The tradition continues to this day, as young and unmarried women around the country observe fast and are asked to pray for a husband on this day, by appeasing Katyayani.


Seated on a lion, this incarnation of Durga possesses four hands – one holding a long sword, a lotus flower in two hands and one bestowing blessings to her devotees. The daughter of sage Katyayan, she is also known as Devi Kanya Kumari and the women who fast to please the goddess on this day, are said to live a blissful married life. Devotees are known to adorn shades of maroon and red on this day and chant the Katyayani mantra 108 times during the time of worship.

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To invoke and appease goddess Katyayani, placing a fresh red cloth on which her photograph or idol will be installed, is a popular practice. Vermillon or sindoor is offered to the goddess, along with a host of other offerings like ghee lamps, holy water, panchamrit made with milk, curd, ghee, honey, sugar and holy water as well as sandalwood paste. A sattvic bhog is then offered as a way of reverence, followed by an aarti, after which devotees partake in breaking their fast. Some places also perform a hawan – or puja offering where offerings are made to the fire god, while reciting the Durga Saptashti Path.


The shashti tithi for worship on the third day begins today at 12:31 AM and ends tomorrow at 11:24 PM.