Navratri 2023: 6 Scrumptious Gujarati Snacks To Celebrate

Gujarati food holds significant importance during the festival of Navratri, a nine-night Hindu festival dedicated to the worship of the goddess Durga. This festival is celebrated with enthusiasm and devotion in Gujarat and other parts of India, but the way it is observed, especially in terms of food, is unique to the Gujarati culture. Navratri involves fasting and abstinence from certain grains, pulses, and other ingredients. Gujarati cuisine offers a wide variety of fasting-friendly ingredients that are consumed during this time.

The food prepared during Navratri is typically "Sattvic," which means it is considered pure, clean, and conducive to spiritual growth. It is believed to purify the body and mind, aligning them with the spiritual focus of the festival. Gujarati fasting food includes both sweet and savoury dishes like sabudana khichdi, sabudana kheer, and rajgira puri, while savoury dishes like farali dhokla, farali thepla, and various potato preparations.

So, here are six scrumptious Gujarati dishes that are an essential part of Navratri. Have a look and don’t miss having them this Navratri!


Khandvi is a savoury snack made from gram flour or besan and yogurt. The batter is seasoned with spices, spread thinly, and rolled into tight, bite-sized rolls. It is garnished with mustard seeds, grated coconut, and cilantro, and it's a favorite during Navratri as a light, protein-rich option.


Fafda is a deep-fried snack made from gram flour and spices, often served with a spicy chutney, such as green chutney or tamarind chutney. It's a crispy and crunchy snack popular during the festival. This snack is light and thus, considered ideal for the stomach.


This steamed, spongy cake called dhokla, is made from fermented rice and chickpea flour. It is cut into squares or diamond-shaped pieces and served with a tempering of mustard seeds, curry leaves, and green chilies. Dhokla is a light and airy snack enjoyed during Navratri.

Sev Khamani

Sev Khamani is a popular Gujarati snack made with gram flour, spices, and chutneys. If there is a true reflection of Gujarat's rich culinary diversity and cultural heritage, it is nothing but Sev Khamani. With its delightful texture and vibrant flavors, this dish is a must, especially during Navratri. 

Sabudana Khichdi

Gujarati sabudana khichdi is a popular fasting dish made from soaked and drained sago pearls. This dish is tempered with cumin seeds, green chilies, and roasted peanuts, and often garnished with fresh coriander. It's a mildly spicy, flavorful dish that is a staple during Navratri fasting.

Rajgira Paratha

Rajgira or amaranth is another fasting-friendly grain. Rajgira paratha is made from rajgira flour and mashed potatoes, seasoned with spices and herbs. It's usually cooked on a griddle and served with yogurt or aloo sabzi.