Nauheed Cyrusi’s Potato Wafers With Eggs Is A Perfect Quick Meal

Nauheed Cyrusi is an actor and influencer who shares cooking videos, makeup tutorials, and skincare routines on Instagram. She shares quick hacks and guides to make the life of her more than 480K followers a little simpler. Recently, the actor shared a quick Parsi recipe for breakfast, and it is worth drooling over.

Video Credit: CookingShooking/ YouTube

Who would have thought that you could use potato wafers to create a sumptuous dish? They are delicious lightweight and salted slices of versatile potatoes, often served at a party or eaten as a snack to beat hunger pangs. But once you try Nauheed Cyrusi’s recipes, you will start looking at these wafers with a whole new perspective.

Nauheed Cyrusi’s Potato Wafers With Eggs For Breakfast 

Nauheed Cyrusi heated a pan and added some water to it. In the next step, she spread out wafers (yes, that’s right). This is a no-oil recipe, and the actor used water to cook wafers and eggs so that the potato wafers turn out soft and smooth.

She broke two eggs on top of the wafers and added a sliced green chilli. Later, she seasoned it all with salt and allowed the base to cook and turn a little brown. Nauheed Cyrusi flipped the dish to cook the other side and served it hot on a plate. You can also sprinkle some black pepper powder to enhance the flavours.

If you liked this recipe, here are a few innovative ways to use potato chips for cooking.

Mac And Cheese With Potato Chips

Mac and cheese is one of the easiest dishes to cook but many people find it a little bland. You can add flavours to it using potato chips. After baking mac and cheese with meat and vegetables, top the layer of cheese with crispy and spicy potato wafers, and bake it. This new version of mac and cheese will make you a hit among friends.

Potato Chips Salad

How about using potato chips to create a tangy salad recipe? Line a baking tray with parchment paper. Spread potato wafers on it and top them with chopped tomatoes, onions, corn, capsicum, and bell peppers. Add grated mozzarella cheese on the top and bake it after seasoning with salt to taste and black pepper. You will love this quick crunchy salad.

Potato Chips In Burgers

If you have ever tried a roadside burger, you must have come across this unique recipe in which potato chips are added over patties to add a unique flavour and crunch. If you do not have much at your home, try this trick to make delicious burgers at home. 

Mashed Potatoes With Potato Chips

A quick way to prepare mashed potatoes without the hassle of boiling potatoes is using wafers. In a pan, add some water and pour a good amount of wafers into it. Water will make the chips soft, and you can mash them after 10 minutes. Add seasoning and fresh garnishing to enjoy this quick recipe.