National Nutrition Week: 5 Foods To Help You Stay Energised
Image Credit: Eggs, almonds and more.

As India is observing National Nutrition Week, more attention is being paid to the importance of consuming nutrient-rich food and maintaining healthy eating habits among people of different age groups. While the emphasis on clean and healthy eating has always been there, the Covid-19 pandemic has made it even more imperative to pay attention to what we eat.

Eating hydrating, nutrient-dense foods that provide the body with the required energy is one major goal. With an increasingly fast-paced life, it becomes difficult to keep up with proper meals and fatigue is a common consequence of the same. To work hard and be more productive, include energy-boosting foods in your diet that beat the fatigue and keep you active.

Here are some foods that can amp up energy levels and make you feel energised throughout the day.  

1.  Bananas

While the sweet fruit is a favourite of many due to its delicious taste, little do people know that it comes with great health benefits too. Packed with carbohydrates and fibre, having bananas as a pre-workout snack is a great idea. They provide the body with a good amount of energy that lasts for a long period of time.

2.  Chia Seeds

They are considered a superfood. They can be included in your diet in a variety of ways, including smoothies, breakfast bowls and desserts. Rich in fibre and protein, the fibre helps to regulate blood sugar levels that are a major reason for fatigue.

3.  Eggs

A popular breakfast item, eggs are commonly eaten during morning meals. Rich in proteins and fats, eggs are one of the most filling foods that are nutritious too. Not just that, they contain good fats which provide the body with the much needed energy. You can scramble the eggs, boil them or make an omelette.  

4.  Oats

If there’s anything that’s healthy, filling and nutritious, it has to be oats. Making an oatmeal is surely a good idea as is an oats smoothie or chilla. The good part about oats is that they contain loads of fibre. Moreover, they also have complex carbs, which take longer to break down and hence, help sustain energy for long hours.

5.  Almonds 

The nuts which are highly recommended for brain health are also good for providing you the required energy by your body. Chop them and add them to your porridge or simply soak them overnight and eat them without the peel. Not just fibre, they also contain protein and fats which are good for your body.