National Margarita Day: 5 Classic Margaritas To Try

What comes to your mind when you think of tequila, lime juice and triple sec? It is the classic Margarita, ofcourse. This cocktail has been a staple on the menu for decades and this is because of a reason. But do you know where did this cocktail come from? Well, there are quite many legends that talk about the origin of margaritas. 

If tequila brand Jose Cuervo is to be believed, first margarita was said to be made by a bartender in 1938 to ‘capture the heart’ of Rita de la Rose, a Mexican showgirl. Another legend about the origin stated that Franciso ‘Pancho’ Morals invented the drink on July 4th, 1942, at a bar in Mexico. There is one more story related to the origin of this cocktail. It says that Dallas socialite Margarita Sames created the cocktail in Acapulco in 1948. No matter how this cocktail came to being, this cocktail will stay close to our hearts, forever. On this special day, let us appreciate some classic margaritas that we must try! 

Classic Margarita 

The classic margarita never loses its charm. To make this cocktail, you don’t need anything but tequila, fresh lime juice and triple sec. This cocktail refreshes perfectly and goes well on all the occasions. 

Amaretto Margarita 

This Italian twist to the classic is everything you need. It is tart, slightly sweet and boozy, exactly how you like it. It has fresh lime juice, tequila, amaretto liquor, triple sec and some cherries to garnish. When are you going to try it? 

Grapefruit Margarita 

If you want your cocktail to give you complete sunset vibe, you must try this tempting grapefruit margarita. With the added drizzle of grenadine which settles in the bottom and give the perfect summer beach vibes. 

Caribbean Blue Margarita 

This cocktail will take you to the shores of the Caribbean with just one sip. Interesting, isn’t it? To make this vibrant and fun cocktail, all you need to do is replace the triple sec with blue curacao. This cocktail is easy to make and even more fun to have. Don’t forget to have it. 

Melon Margarita 

This fruit margarita dramatically changes the aroma, flavour and colour of the classic cocktail and makes it sweeter. I order to add more tart to your melon margarita, you can cut back on the liqueur a little and tadaa, the cocktail of your dreams is ready! 

Give these cocktails a try and celebrate the day!!