National Frappe Day: What Makes This Greek Coffee Drink Special

Foam-covered iced coffee made up of instant coffee, sugar, water, ice cubes, and milk (not every time) is special and calls for appreciation. This cold, frothy, and full of caffeine drink is an absolute favourite of literally everyone, not just Greeks and we know why! Though quite popular in Cyprus and Greece, frappe has also spread its charm in other countries as well.

Consumption of beverages has evolved over time into new flavours and combinations. Frappe is a great example of this. Let us dig back to its little history. If some legends are to be believed then the selection of inventive cold coffee drinks was developed somewhere in the early 19th century, especially for the hot days. Greek frappe also known as Nescafe frappe was invented in Thessaloniki at the International Trade Fair. Café frappe, quite similar to iced coffee, was the first cold coffee drink of its time and managed to stay popular since then.

Though traditionally made up of coffee, one can make frappe drinks with juices, hot chocolates, teas, and many other things. There are said to be several popular versions of this drink. Frappe word is said to be originated from the French word ‘shaken’ or ‘stirred.’ However, it has nothing in common with French chilled beverages made without coffee. Among a few stories related to its origin, frappe took over its official name and became the national coffee beverage in Greece somewhere around 1979. 

Frappe can be served with or without milk. The one popular in Cyprus is served without water, though water is used in foam. Sometimes, different kinds of liquors are used for additional variations such as chocolate mix, vanilla ice, etc. We must say that frappe has maintained its ability to beat the heat better than any other beverage. Frappe is indeed a symbol of a lazy day on the beach during the iconic Greek summertime.

On this happy note, let us have a quick recipe of frappe to your service. Follow the steps and celebrate National Frappe Day!!!


  • 3 tsp instant coffee
  • Sugar to taste
  • Milk to taste
  • Ice cubes
  • Frappe mixer


  • Take a tall glass and add instant coffee.
  • Add sugar and cold water.
  • Whiz the mixture until a thick and creamy foam is produced.
  • Pour the mixture into the serving glass. 
  • Add ice cubes and milk.
  • Fill the glass with cold water and serve it with a drinking straw.