Natasha Diddee, Popular Food Blogger, Passes Away At 50

Pune-based food blogger Natasha Dideee, who was referred to as The Gutless Foodie, passed away on Sunday, March 24, 2024. The influencer was only 50 years old, and the news of her demise was shared by her husband who wrote, “It is with great pain and sorrow that I am forced to announce the sad and heartbreaking passing of my wife Natasha Diddee, aka The Gutless Foodie. We lost her in the early morning of March 24, 2024, in Pune, India.”

He further added that the food blogger’s account will be kept live because she was an inspiration to many. Her fans can still surf through her page and find her recipes to replicate in their kitchens. “I also know she loved the direct interaction with her followers and she always found it important to try and respond to anyone who contacted her,” the post read.

Natasha Diddee’s Last Post And Medical Condition

The blogger’s last post was on August 28, 2023. She shared her journey from being an alcoholic who needed an intervention to overcoming her addiction and calling herself a recovering alcoholic. The blogger called her life an open book and wanted people to learn something from her. She mentioned undergoing her third shoulder surgery and her love for cooking for her loved ones. 

A few years ago, the blogger’s entire stomach was removed because of tumours found in the organ that caused her to experience nausea, diarrhoea, and feelings of light-headedness and tiredness after every meal. 

After suffering through so much, she wanted to share her recipes with the world. She started sharing her recipes on social media. From preparing a thali with popular North Indian and South Indian dishes to cooking a hearty meal for the weekend, Natasha Diddee had 107k followers on Instagram who loved her zeal to live despite hardships and shared her passion for cooking. 

Image Credit: Natasha Diddee/ Instagram

Natasha Diddee And The Slurrp Connection 

As an author, food blogger and knowledgeable foodie, Natasha Diddee has been a part of many Slurrp stories. When Slurrp first launched its city-based series called Foodie Faves—where local food bloggers recommend their favourite places to eat for visitors’ reference—Natasha contributed to the very first one on the Top Places To Have Mutton Bhakri In Pune.  

“The thing about (mutton) bhakris is you have to eat them super hot, otherwise they become like cardboard,” she explained back in March 2023. “Every Maharashtrian restaurant worth its salt will have bhakri. But you can’t have bhakris home delivered.” Natasha recommended Maratha Samrat as her go-to place for fresh bhakris in Pune and also added that others like Fish Curry Rice, Shabree, Asha Dining Hall and Durvankar serve great non-vegetarian and vegetarian Maharashtrian food. 

Like most Punekars, Natasha really knew her food and was always willing to share her thoughts on Maharashtrian food with Slurrp. In fact, her contribution to a better understanding of Saoji cuisine—that fiery hot Nagpuri cuisine—has been pivotal for Slurrp’s approach to the hyperlocal food variety. And yet, despite her clear expertise in Maharashtrian and Pune food, Natasha never considered herself to be anything more than a food lover. “I’m a forever student,” she insisted during Slurrp’s last conversation with The Gutless Foodie.

Image Credit: Natasha Diddee/ Instagram