Nagpur’s Waffle Joints: 6 Amazing Places You Must Visit
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The sweet tooth cravings can never be satisfied with ice cream or pastries alone. The heart always demands a wholesome experience for complete satisfaction. Waffles are often considered as the most comforting and wholesome dessert that is also a good breakfast option when paired with leafy greens and eggs.  

Waffles are a characteristic meal of Brussels, the capital city of Belgium. Belgian waffles are widely renowned for their crispy texture and a large grid pattern that can hold any sauce inside and absorb it generously. Every street in Belgium has at least one waffle stand, with every stand offering a distinct signature flavour.

Alike Belgium, waffles are famous worldwide and in several cities in India. One might have heard of waffle places in Mumbai or Delhi, but now Nagpur has joined the league of selling delectable waffles, which needs a shoutout. 

Today, this article will take the readers through popular waffle houses in Nagpur and explore their signature waffle combinations. 

1) The Waffle Boss Co.

This place is one of the first choices for food enthusiasts exploring good waffles in the city. The Waffle Boss Co. offers a wide range of mouth-watering waffle desserts, of which Chocolate waffle is their signature dish. Along with waffles, they offer several ice cream and shake varieties. 

Location: Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur

Timings: Mon-Sun:12 pm– 12 am

Price for 2: ₹300

2) The Belgian Waffle CO.

Thinking of waffles will take one to the streets of Belgium. This cafe uplifts that experience to the next level. Right after entering here, one can imagine themselves living in a ‘dessert’ dream.  Belgian Waffle Co. has branches all over India. They opened two outlets in Nagpur, of which one is in Dhntoli, and the other in Chaoni, and the Chaoni outlet is temporarily closed. They offer a range of delectable waffles along with party combo hampers and make-at-home waffle mix. 

Location: Dhantoli, Nagpur 

Timings: Mon-Sun:12midnight – 4 am, 10 am – 12midnight

Price for 2: ₹300

3) The Washington Waffles

This is a waffle outlet in the Nandanvan region known for its delightful combinations of waffles with different flavours. Here, they offer an opportunity to customize the waffles as one likes. Along with waffles, they offer a wide range of drinks and ice creams, which can be paired as a complete dessert meal. Prices here are extremely low in comparison to other outlets. 

Location: Nandanvan, Nagpur

Timings: Mon-Sun:11 am – 11 pm

Price for 2: ₹200 

4) The Pancake Story

This restaurant is a one-stop destination for people dreaming of desserts all day. The Pancake Story caters to everyone's preference for meals and also offers suggestions to those who are confused about what to order after seeing their massive menu. They offer a range of delicious fluffy pancakes along with crispy and light waffles, croissants, coffee, and tea. 

Location: Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur

Timings: Mon-Sun:10 am – 12 midnight

Price for 2: ₹400

5) Infusion - Belgian Waffle

A newly opened cafe in Nagpur has tons of delicious waffles to offer. They are merged with the Belgian waffle brand and provide a wide assortment of warming coffees along with waffles. The vibe of this outlet is always comforting, and service is always prompt. If ever in Nagpur, do check out this place. 

Location: Pratap Nagar, Nagpur

Timings: Mon-Sun:11 am – 11 pm

Price for 2: ₹500

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 So, the most popular, uniquely special waffle outlets in Nagpur are here. When visiting Nagpur, don't forget to try out these amazing waffle outlets.