Nadan Mutta Roast: A Unique Style Of Roasting Eggs In Spices
Image Credit: Nadan Mutta Roast

There are plenty of ways to prepare an egg dish in India. The usual style of making egg curry is of emulsifying the egg in a mix of heavy and fiery spices and often frying the eggs before immersing them into a thick paste of spices. But coming from the state of Kerala is the Egg Roast dish known as the Nadan Mutta Roast which involves just the addition of boiled eggs, without any deep frying. With just slits on the whole boiled egg, thrown in the paste of onion and tomato that have simmered in the aromatic richness of regional spices. The best part of this dish is the addition of spices that are native to the region of Kerala and at the same time are soothing to the palate.

Tracing The Unknown Roads Of Nadan Mutta Roast      

Local cuisine in the state of Kerala, Egg Roast, or Nadan Mutta Roast as it is famously known, is traditionally relished with appam, Puttu, or the less famous chapatis or porotas or steamed rice.

As per the Malayali language, Nadan means local produce and Muttu Roast can traditionally be made with both chicken and duck eggs. In fact, the name comes locally as there is Nadan Kozhi, a hen grown in Kerala households. Hence the name Nadan Mutta Roast.

Why this dish is given so much importance is also because of the ancient regional belief that the Nadan eggs are superior in taste.


    3 tbsp Coconut Oil

    1 cup sliced Onions

    ½ tsp Sugar

    1 tsp Salt

    1 tbsp Coriander Seeds

    1 tsp Chilli Flakes

    ½ tsp Black Pepper Powder

    ½ tap Fennel Seeds

    ¼ tsp Asafoetida

    10-15 Curry leaves

    1 tbsp Ginger Garlic Paste

    3 Green Chillies

    1 sliced Tomato

    ½ tsp Garam Masala Powder

    4 boiled Egg


    Over medium heat place a pan, pour oil, sliced onions, sugar, and salt. Give it all a good mix and let it sauté

    Meanwhile, grind coriander seeds, chilli flakes, black peppercorns, and fennel seeds together. Grind to form a coarse powder. Keep it aside

    To the onions add asafetida, and curry leaves, and let it sauté. Then add ginger garlic paste and mix again. Sauté it for a few seconds then add green chillies and tomatoes. Give it all a good mix and let it simmer until the tomatoes become soft and mushy

    Then add the ground spices and mix well with the onion and tomatoes. Let it cook for about five minutes

    Now add garam masala, and add the boiled eggs. Make sure you make slits on the sides of the eggs. Mix the masala well with the eggs and let it simmer for another five minutes. Serve!

This dish will be loved by children the most. This Kerala Egg Roast is the minimum blend of spices along with the soft eggs, making for a delicious meal that will be easily finished by the children. In fact, it is also the easiest dish to make in no time. Serve it as a snack with the drinks or as a side dish on the table, it will be finished in no time.