Mutton Korma- Zakir Khan- Chef Ranveer Brar; What's The Connect?

Talk about the most talented chefs in the country and Chef Ranveer Brar will always find his mention. Right from judging some aspiring chefs in MasterChef India to cooking up storm through his YouTube videos or imparting some great culinary knowledge, chef Brar has proved multiple times that he is a star. In a recent video shared by chef Ranveer Brar, he shared a special mutton korma recipe named after our own “Sakht Launda”. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about the popular comedian Zakir Khan. 

In the video shared on his YouTube channel, Chef Ranveer Brar says that Zakir Khan is his close friend, and every time he makes the special mutton korma for him, he sends it to his home. This special mutton korma is named after Zakir Khan and called ‘Zakir Special Mutton Korma”. Chef Brar cooks 3 kg mutton and gives a detailed recipe to his viewers. We can also spot a steel utensil with Zakir Khan’s name engrossed to it as Zakir Khan never returns the dabbas, said the Chef. In the end, Chef also shared some tips. Have a look at the video below. 

Video credits: Chef Ranveer Brar/YouTube

Just like how all of us would react in such a situation, popular comedian Zakir Khan took to his social media while enjoying the special Zakir mutton korma made by Chef Ranveer Brar. In the video, Zakir says that his career has now reached its peak as famous celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar has named his special mutton korma after his name. “Isse Aage Jaake Matlab Bhi Kya Hai Zindagi Main”, adds Zakir. He further thanked Chef Brar and expressed how delicious the mutton korma is.  

Zakir then asks his viewers to make this recipe viral on YouTube but without changing his name “Is Recipe Ko Jo Hai Baant Diya Jaaye YouTube Pe, Tehelka Macha Diya Jaaye. Aur Naam Nai Badlega Koi”," says Zakir to his viewers in a hilarious way. The post shared by Zakir Khan received several funny comments. While actress Richa Chadha commented, “I want ratlami sev. Thanks", Zakir Khan himself commented on the post, “Mai ab retirement plan kar raha hoon”.