Mutton Canteens To Soon Open Up In Telangana
Image Credit: Mutton biryani lovers are in for a treat | Unsplash

If you are a mutton lover who lives in the state of Telangana, then we have the best news for you. A true mutton lover would know that it is very difficult to get good quality red meat anywhere in the city. There are very few shops which actually sell the highest quality of mutton and sometimes it is inaccessible to people living far from those specific spots. But the Telangana State Sheep and Goat Development Co-operative Federation Has decided to put a full stop to these woes by opening mutton canteens across the state.

These mutton canteens will solve a lot of problems of meat lovers in the state. There is an elaborate plan to start a lot of these canteens, although as of now, the first one is being set up at federations office in Shantinagar colony. Some of the delicacies that have been finalized to be featured in the menu are mutton biryani, gurda fry, mutton keema and paya. Seeing the popularity of mutton in Hyderabad, this idea of mutton canteen is looking like a sure shot success already. although the prices have not been finalized and there will be some changes in the menu, the main motto of these canteens will be to provide fresh and affordable mutton to customers.

A lot of popular mutton dishes will be added to the menu

The move has been inspired by the success of fish canteens which are operated by Telangana State Fishermen Co-operative Societies Federation, which has things like fish Curry, fish fry and fish biryani on the menu. “After witnessing the success of fish contains, we have decided to establish mutton canteens the idea is to promote mutton dishes that are pocket friendly as well. ” Doodimetla Balaraju Yadav, the Federation chairman was quoted saying to Telangana Today.

This comes as a relief to a lot of customers who do not know where their mutton is sourced from. These mutton canteens will have the meat procured from the government's slaughterhouse along with expert cooks who will prepare the dishes. Public response will finally decide the future of the menu as well as increasing the number of canteens in the state.