Must-Have Spices In Your Kitchen For A Blockbuster Indian Meal
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India is very well-known for its unique usage of spices in recipes. Spices are the irreplaceable essence of Indian Cuisine. They add flavour and enhance the aroma of the food and make it more delectable. If the heart of our home is the kitchen, then spices are indeed the soul of the food prepared. Because of the varied climate in different parts of the country, India is the native land of many spices. Spices are used in their various forms- whole, ground, chopped, roasted, sauteed, and fried. Anyone who loves cooking needs to be familiar with different kinds of spices- their taste, aroma, texture, amount of usage, and how they can enhance a dish simultaneously; how the incorrect use of spices can completely ruin the dish.

Below listed are some essential spices that are necessary ingredients in even the simplest of recipes:

Black Pepper: It has a burning hot flavour if chewed directly and is used chiefly in ground form for seasoning.

Cardamon: It has a complex aroma accompanied by a piney menthol-like taste. It is widely used while making tea, meat, and desserts.

Carom seeds: Popularly known as ajwain, are fried or dry roasted before being added to any dish. They are majorly used in the tempering process while giving tadka to the dish.

Chilli: Indians love spicy food. It is unlikely not to find chillies in an Indian household. Both red and green chillies are used to spice up the dish in almost every recipe. Red chillies are used in dried or powdered form and can be stored & used for an extended period. Red Chilli flakes are often used as an additional flavouring element in European dishes.

Clove: It is one of the most aromatic spices and is often used to deepen the dish's flavours with its sweet and spicy taste.

Cinnamon: It is from the bark of its tree. It has a vibrant taste that can be slightly confusing. Some find its taste bitter and firm, while some may consider it sweet. It is more about the dominant flavours of the palate.

Cumin: Both cumin seeds and powder are used while preparing various Indian dishes like dal, sabzi and even rice. It can be considered as a savoury alternative to cinnamon.

Garam Masala: It is prepared by grinding many spices together and is used in almost every Indian rice. It has a very rich flavour and aroma.

Saffron: It is used as a flavouring (sweet and floral taste) and colouring agent while preparing milk, sweets, and biryani.

Turmeric: It is majorly used as a colourant and used extensively in Indian recipes. It has a peppery musky taste.

Keep your kitchen loaded with these spices, and never miss having the flavoursome ingredients for your recipes.