Mushroom Dishes For A Healthy And Filling Breakfast
Image Credit: Mushrooms keep cholesterol in check | Pexels

Healthy breakfast makes sure that we are starting the day on a healthy note. It is important for all of us to have good breakfast, so that we can actually be energetic enough to face whatever the day has in store for us. After all, only a good start leads to a better day. There are several ingredients that are considered to be healthy and perfectly suited to be breakfast food, while some ingredients and dishes still remain underrated. Mushroom, in our opinion, lies somewhere in the middle.

There are many health benefits of eating mushrooms. If you are still confused about adding it to your breakfast, here are just some of them. 

  • It promotes lower cholesterol. 
  • Mushroom is great for brain health. 
  • Mushroom is known to cut down risks of cancer. 
  • A healthy gut and immune system is guaranteed by mushroom consumption. 
  • It lowers the sodium intake and prevents bloating.

Now, let us look at some delicious breakfast dishes you can make with mushrooms. 

Mushroom Sandwich

Sandwiches are one of the easiest options to make early in the morning if you are working professional or student. If you add mushroom to the film not only is your sandwich delicious but now it is also nutritious. To add a zing, you can add cheese and use multigrain bread slices instead of the regular wheat ones. Commercial room savage is a great early breakfast as well as a good option to be carried in the lunch box.

Mushroom crepes

Give your regular breakfast crepes a healthy twist by adding mushrooms to them. Mushrooms make it healthier and creamier and it becomes more rich in taste. A couple of crepes are enough to keep you going for a really long time. This dish is easy as well as fancy and can be a good breakfast star dish if you have guests over at your place.

Mushroom Masala

Coming to an Indian option with mushroom, mushroom masala is the quickest dish you can make. We Indians have a habit of eating chapatis, rotis aur puri as the main bread early in the morning and mushroom masala is a great accompaniment to that. If you are trying to go healthy then you can also have best dish along with couple slices of multi grain bread. It tastes just as amazing either way!

So, try these mushroom recipes and welcome your day on a happy and healthy note.