Amrik Sukhdev Ranks 23rd On The World's Top Restaurant List
Image Credit: Aloo paratha with makkhan and dal makhani at Amrik Sukhdev

Food is not just something that helps fill our stomachs. Eating food is an experience, where we use all five of our senses and then enjoy our meal. Along with the taste of the food where you're having it and what your company is also makes a huge difference in the entire experience and what better than enjoying your favorite dish at a legendary restaurant that has served customers for years. To make things easier for foodies all around the world, TasteAtlas has come up with a list of top legendary restaurants and the dishes that have made them extremely popular. 

Now, when we talk about eateries and restaurants that have existed for many years and that have created their own legacy while doing so, India does chart very high on that list. There are many restaurants that have found a spot on the world's most legendary restaurants list and Amrik Sukhdev is one of them. 

Amrik Sukhdev got the 23rd rank on the TasteAtlas list


Located in Murthal, Haryana, Amrik Sukhdev is a legendary and iconic highway eatery that has become synonymous with delicious food and warm hospitality. Situated on the Delhi-Ambala highway, this family-run restaurant has been serving delectable Punjabi cuisine for several decades. This place is open throughout the night for tourists and food lovers to go and enjoy the authentic dishes. TasteAtlas mentions its aloo paratha as the most iconic dish at this eatery. And indeed, once you have tried the makkhan laden aloo paratha at Amrik Sukhdev, you will never be able to forget the taste.  

The place is famous for its sumptuous breakfast options, including their renowned parathas. These stuffed and crispy breads are generously filled with various fillings like potatoes, paneer and many other seasonal vegetables, accompanied by generous serving of makkhan and tangy pickles. Apart from parathas, the restaurant also offers an extensive menu of mouthwatering Punjabi dishes, ranging from rich gravies like dal makhani and kadai paneer to amazing masala chai varieties. 

With its spacious seating, vibrant ambience, and quick service, Amrik Sukhdev has become a popular pit-stop for travellers and locals alike. It has even garnered a reputation for its impeccable hygiene standards and clean washrooms. This Dhaba is as beautiful to visit as the food they serve is delicious, totally deserving the worldwide 23rd spot that it has achieved.