Mumbai's First Seafood Plaza Launched In Mahim Koliwada

Over the course of this year, the BMC has committed to giving one of Mumbai’s oldest fishing communities a financial boost by introducing a number of improvements aimed at promoting tourism and providing the Koli community with new means of income. Some of these measures include a refurbishment of existing properties, opening of cafes and a Seafood Plaza in Mahim Koliwada, as well as the addition of additional mobile food trucks along Worli Koliwada and Cuffe Parade. 

Video Credits: Authenticook/YouTube

One of the central features, the Seafood Plaza which was launched by  Mumbai Guardian Minister Deepak Kesarkar is designed to give local and foreign tourists an insight into the rich culinary traditions of the Koli community and provide a space for them to cook as well as share cultural activities such as dance. There are also plans to arrange accommodation in the Mahim Koliwada area to further establish this as a tourism destination. 

The Seafood Plaza is set to be run by Worli’s Women’s Self Association, as well as the Senior Citizen Katta. Post the opening of the main Plaza, the plan is to establish additional food courts in and around Worli within the fortnight as well as add mobile centres for more convenience both for the community and for tourists. The progress of this project had been halted several times due to pushback from the Koli community, and the location of the food court has been relocated as per their suggestions. 

The Koli community has been around since before Bombay had even taken shape as a city and over time, their land has been steadily encroached on as the city expanded. Their local cuisine, based primarily on seafood caught in Bombay’s waters is an intrinsic part of their existence and has also been dwindling as they have to contend with modernisation. This addition of a Seafood Plaza and additional income streams will hopefully provide the community with a more tangible solution to their problems.