Mumbai Vlogger Wows Internet With Donut And Croissant Samosas

Are you bored of your plain old homemade samosas? Why not try something new like a donut samosa? A vlogger and recipe developer started a series on unusual samosa shapes and her recipes are getting quite a bit of attention. Meghana Kadu, who goes by the handle of chef_modeon on Instagram tried some fusion shapes with her samosa base and they turned out really well!

One of her most unique creating was the donut samosa which ended up looking like a round donut with a hole in the middle. Instagram of layering the dough, Kadu simply placed her filling in the centre of the dough and cut up strips on the batter; she then layered those strips one after the other so the donut would feature some flaky layers before you can get to the filling. 

One of her other ideas was inspired by croissants. Kadu simple smeared the potato filling all over the dough except the middle. She cut up strips on the base and then rolled each strip into a delicate mini croissant before brushing them with butter and baking them. Needless to say Internet is mighty impressed with this idea and took to social media to so their love.

Some of the reactions to these recipes were quite funny. "When you want to become croissant but became samosa by family pressure," commented a follower on one of the posts. "When you want to eat samosa and croissant at the same time," quipped another. Followers also appreciated the fact that these can be air-fried which would make them healthier since it would need less oil. Kadu also confirmed in the comment section that it can be air-fried and baked.