Mumbai Street Vendor Goes Viral For Selling Vada Pav With Chakli
Image Credit: @lets.eattogether/instagram

The reach of the internet has made social media the biggest platform for creators to get an audience from all over the world. People share everything here, from their views to their talents. It gives them fame as well as money. Even the food industry has created a personal space on social media. You can find several chefs and street vendors presenting their unique dishes and culinary skills to their viewers.

In return, the creators get recognition and views, while the audience learns new recipes and tips to enhance their cooking skills. However, most of the viral videos are of weird experiments that cannot be practically done in our kitchen, like unusual combinations and giant dishes. Recently, a video went viral on the internet showing a street vendor selling vada pav filled with chakli. Here is the video. Take a look:

Both vada pav and chakli are close to every Indian’s heart, but we never thought of consuming them as one dish. Vada pav is a popular street food in Mumbai that has deep-fried mashed potato dumplings placed between a sliced bun with chutneys, while chakli is a savoury snack that is made with chickpea flour, urad dal, and rice.

In this video, the vendor starts preparing the dish by cutting the pav into two halves. Then he applies a layer of two different chutneys, followed by some diced onions and a cheese slice torn into bits. After this, he adds a piece of chakli to the pav along with mayonnaise. Then he warms it a little on the grill and serves it with some butter on top. The vendor calls this weird dish cheese chakli pav, and his shop’s name is Shri Kashi Foods, which is located in the Mulund West area of Mumbai. 

The video was uploaded on Instagram by a food blogger under the account @lets.eattogether with the caption "Only one in Mumbai Cheese Chakli Pav." It has more than 1.6 million views and 29K likes. Though the blogger calls the recipe "a perfect combination of crunchy and soft," the viewers are disappointed with this weird fusion of the two classic dishes. So, what is your take on this unique vada pav? Will you try it?