Mumbai Restaurant Masque Named Best Restaurant In India For 2024
Image Credit: Masque/Instagram

Known to be one of the most acclaimed and celebrated dining establishments in the landscape of Indian restaurants, Mumbai-based Masque bagged the tag for being the Best Restaurant in India, 2024. The restaurant, which ranked 23 on the global list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant for 2024, was followed by New Delhi’s Indian Accent at 26 and ITC Grand Chola – Chennai’s Avartana at 44. Masque – helmed by chef Varun Totlani and restaurateur Aditi Dugar, has been known for its one-of-a-kind, ingredient-driven tasting menu concepts with local, seasonal ingredients.

Image Credits: Masque

Using a combination of global influences and fresh, indigenous ingredients, also has a signature cocktail menu that borrows from Ayurvedic principles. Along with offering a 10-course tasting menu to diners, Masque is also known for its in-house gin programme that allows guests to pick their choice of spices and fruit to infuse and customise their bottle of gin. The Masque Lab – an experimental kitchen space established to research and develop recipes that align with the philosophy, welcomes diners who prefer to have a refined experience.

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The landmark status of the restaurant which was announced by the restaurant on their social media, added in their caption that, “Offering both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, Masque’s ten-course tasting menu showcases India’s rich produce, featuring dishes such as Kashmiri morels with patra or the sea buckthorn pani puri, reimagining traditional Indian flavours with inventive twists.” The three featured Indian restaurants on the 2024 list also featured collectively in the previous year’s list of Asia’s 50 Best as well.