Multigrain Snacks Options For Your Tea Time
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Since the beginning of time, a hot beverage that captivated Indian minds and hearts. It is chai of course. Most of us would find it impossible to go through the day without a cup of kadak chai, from breakfast to mid-meal snacks. When the subject of evening tea or mid-meal munching comes up, thoughts immediately turn to fried and crispy snacks like samosas, kachoris, bonda, and pakodas. These Indian delicacies are undoubtedly popular all over the country. However, because they are creadted with maida (refined flour) and deep fried, regularly ingesting them can be quite unhealthy. 

Making the switch to healthy snacks can be done in the proper way. After all of that, we present to you a list of multigrain snacks that combine flavour and nutrition. The preparation time for these snacks is also fairly short. So, why do we still wait? Start the process now! 

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Cooking multigrain idlis is nothing new; all you have to do is swap out the rice for a healthier flour, like bajra, ragi, or jowar flour with a little whole wheat. The dish also calls for fenugreek seeds, another superfood with anti-diabetic properties. 

Multigrain Murukku 

Murukku is a salty, crispy South Indian delicacy that is popular in the region. Murukku was originally a deep-fried snack, but we recommend a version that uses Ragi flour and is packed with wholesome ingredients like oats and urad dal before being baked to perfection. 

Multigrain Garlic Bread 

Raise your hands if you enjoy Italian cuisine! Switch your basic garlic bread with a healthyone and make the most to enjoy this well-liked snack. Multigrain bread cooked in the oven and spread with butter and garlic for a popular snack. 

Multigrain Parantha 

A multigrain paratha comes next. This can be consumed at any time, whether as breakfast or a mid-meal snack. A delicious, nutritious paratha filled with the benefits of jowar and ragi! 

Multigrain Pizza 

Here's another dish from Italy for you. No guilt, just the authentic pizza flavour. Enjoy a nutritious pizza made using ingredients like whole wheat, bajra and alike that are excellent for you. 

Baked Multigrain Namak Paare 

No matter the holiday or special event, Namakpare never fails to charm the guests. A nutritious recipe for baked multigrain namakpare is made with whole wheat flour, semolina, carom seeds, refined oil, and salt. 

Multigrain Crackers 

Multigrain Healthy Cracker tastes amazing even when made without butter or any other dairy products since it is packed with the nutrients of whole grains and flaxseed powder.