Muffins To Phulka: 7 Delectable Sourdough Treats To Try
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Bread has been the staple of the human diet for thousands of years. Making sourdough bread at home is a much better option than using commercially made bread. At home, the authenticity of a classic sourdough bread can be maintained and we can always enjoy fresh, preservative free healthy bread in our diet. Unlike commercial bread, which uses more than 20 ingredients, including preservatives and artificial enhancers, homemade sourdough bread only uses two ingredients—water and flour.

The definition of a perfect sourdough starts with a crunchy crust and soft core. Unlike any other bread that uses yeast to rise, sourdough is prepared with a starter, which is a fermented flour and water mixture that has wild yeast and good bacteria. The origins of sourdough bread may not be traced with certainty, but its significance in present day kitchens is quite remarkable.

If you have made a perfect sourdough loaf and can't figure out what else to make with it, here are the top seven recipes you can make with sourdough for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

1) Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls
It is a variation of classic cinnamon rolls that tastes slightly tangy and fermented. The sour taste of the dough goes well with cinnamon, sugar, and cream on top. To make it, you just have to prepare sourdough with the starter, flatten it into a slightly thick sheet and spread cinnamon sugar, then roll it into a log and divide it into individual rolls. After that, just place those rolls and leave for rising. Once they've risen, bake them in a preheated oven until golden brown. Slather the cream cheese frosting or sugar glaze on it before serving.

2) English Muffins
The depth of flavour in sourdough complements the butteriness of classic English muffins. They are made out of sourdough, are elegantly delicious, and are way more convenient than making sourdough bread, as proofing doesn't require much time. To make it, just place little chunks of sourdough on a baking sheet and bake in a preheated oven until golden on top. You can use it as a delicious replacement for regular sandwich bread, and it works well for Eggs Benedict, which includes a topping of bacon rashers, poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce.

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3) Phulka
It might sound unusual to make phulka out of sourdough, but it's not. Phulka made out of sourdough is a seemingly better version of regular phulka. There's no special recipe for this unique delicacy; just roll out sourdough pieces into thin roti and bake it on a tava. You'll definitely want to replace your regular roti with this after trying it once.

4) Sourdough Uttapam
Uttapam is usually made with fermented rice, but wet sourdough batter works better. Ladle the batter into a pan with butter and put veggies on top. They taste doughy, creamy, and slightly sour in the mouth after taking a generous bite. You can serve them with chutney or the usual sambhar.

5) Garlic Bread
Baguette made out of sourdough tastes heavenly when combined with garlic. This version of garlic bread is sour and more tender than the traditional one. After slicing the bread, drizzle some olive oil and spread the butter garlic mixture on it. Toast it until golden and enjoy it with tomato soup or pasta.

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6) Doughnuts
The sweetness of doughnuts combined with the sourness of sourdough results in an unmatched and delightful version of doughnuts. When making them with sourdough, you can combine almost everything with the batter to transform it into a sweet delicacy that can't be found elsewhere.

7) Focaccia Bread
Crispy focaccia bread is always one of the first choices for bakers when using sourdough. The artisan sourdough bread can be beautifully transformed into focaccia bread of any flavour and texture. Either you want to try olive oil focaccia or a chocolate one, you can easily make it with prepared sourdough.