Mrunal Thakur Looks Glamourous While Enjoying Pasta And Wine
Image Credit: Mrunal Thakur/Instagram

Mrunal Thakur – who has appeared in a string of films and TV shows in the past year, seems to be loving the glamourous life. Like any other girl who loves playing dress-up, she isn’t far behind when it comes to looking gorgeous for the camera. That being said, she’s also sure to indulge herself and make the most of her moment, by celebrating with her favourite foods. Mrunal, who has been vocal about her love for pizzas and pasta on her cheat days, was seen enjoying a plate of penne pasta tossed in a red sauce, along with a glass of wine.

Dressed to the nines in a glitzy golden number, she appeared to be all smiles as she relished her food. Known to follow a strict fitness regime and avoid sugar, junk food and carbs, her diet typically consists of grilled vegetables, fish, eggs and brown rice. Despite following her healthy lifestyle, the actress has modified her munching habits to accommodate healthy snacks like oatmeal cookies, sprouts and nuts, as well as plenty of fruits through the day.

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Her protein-rich diet also includes protein shakes and bars to snack on, in-between meals. She also indulges in healthy versions of her favourite desserts – like the whole wheat banana muffins, or seasonal snacks like chakli and gujiya. She is also a big believer in savouring home-cooked meals like aloo parathas with yoghurt or puris with dal and gobhi ki sabzi. Share with us comments about your favourite home-cooked meal or cheat meal.