Moving Over Sarson Da Saag—Pair Makki Roti With These Fuss Free Items This Winter
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Winters beckon menus that are simply seasonal and equally awaited. Certain food items wait out so long for a winter date in the kitchen; lovers often wonder what would go wrong having them round the year. But then, your gut too needs consideration as per the weather. Thus, seasonal favourites are called so! Across homes in India, all over in fact since foods have found a way of spilling over its native region; makki roti or corn based flour rotis keep making guest visits to the kitchen every winter. The colder the clime, more enjoyable is this delicacy. Pairing it up with mustard greens or sarson da saag is a tradition more than it is a taste factor. Of course, the pair up has its own benefits and balance (bla bla). Moving over to makki roti, not every day of feasting on this delight means you having to have the tedious saag cooking process on in the kitchen! Pair up the makki roti with simplistic accompaniments inspired from what my breakfast table looks like most winter mornings after Christmas. In Punjab, the feat begins earlier since winters get chillier much earlier too. However, at Punjabi homes outside of Punjab, the temperature dictates when the makki roti gets cooked.

Good Old Butter And Jaggery

The health conscious might have a gastronomic panic but trust me on most work day mornings, well crisped makki roti is gobbled with fresh made white butter of the home and a little jaggery or sugar on the sides. Even my 90-year-old granny used to be munching on this with no real issue to her health over the years.

Sweet Nothings

Another top accompaniment for makki roti is sweet sour tomato chutney. Made from chopped tomatoes, cooked in a syrup of jaggery or sugar again, and spiced with a little black salt this combo is a delight best understood with a morsel.

Salting It Up

Fresh buttermilk is another super accompaniment that goes well with makki roti. Traditional, healthy and offbeat, this is an acquired taste. It might not please those starting out on makki roti newly. The buttermilk again needs to be sweet-salty and not just salty. The experts call this salty lassi!!

Let Lentils Do The Magic

Got some leftover kali dal? Apply a fresh round of jeera and chilli-ginger tadka on it and the best accompaniment makki roti is done up. Lentils and makki roti make for an awesome pair but only when the former is made from black urad dal. Other dals do not work the same magic.

Makki Roti Is Not Just Food!

Makki roti has become a cultural identity of Punjabi wintry cuisine but it is worth noting that even the Haryana and Rajasthan belts have their own makki roti scene. Always make sure to use milk while putting together the makki in dough form. Ensure to add ajwain or carrom seeds to the dough. This aids digestion besides enhancing the taste. Be generous with ghee when cooking the roti on girdle. This helps the corn based flour cook just right and evenly. The best makki rotis take patience being shaped and then made perfectly. A heavyweight cast iron girdle works best for this delicacy. Some things are made a certain way and that is all.There seems no reason to question these at all. As the mercury dips, go and begin your winter tryst with this amazing winter favourite.

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