Move Over Thukpa, Try Other Gems From Sherpa Cuisine

Do you know who Sherpas are? Some would say they are mountain guides but no. Sherpas are an ethnic group belonging to the Everest region or further east in Tibet and Mongolia. They migrated from Eastern Tibet and settled in the mountainous areas including Mt. Everest and other peaks in the Himalayas. They are simple people with simple food! 

You can find Sherpa food in some of the restaurants in your city but at the Mt. Everest Base Camp trek, you get an authentic and wide range of Sherpa food. Food popular within the Sherpa community is plain, simple, and humble. It includes home-grown crops, local dairy products, and vegetables. Because of having locally-grown ingredients, the food is rich in so many vitamins, minerals, and fiber. One of the most popular dishes of Sherpa cuisine is Thukpa. But there are so many other dishes too that everyone should try at least once in their life.  

Shyakpa or Sherpa Stew 

Also known as Shakpa or Syakpa, it is a soupy noodle stew you can find lodges at the base camp. But do you know why is it served there? This is because this soupy dish is said to be extremely beneficial for hikers. It can prevent cold and provides warmth to the body. There isn’t a specific recipe for this dish. While noodles stay to be the primary ingredient, other ingredients like dried yak or sheep meat may vary. 


This is another staple dish consumed by Sherpas and this dish dates back hundreds of years ago. This dish gained prominence among the people who first moved out from Tibet. It is basically a porridge made up of roasted barley flour and works as a filler. The flour is mixed with butter milk and sometimes salt. It could be perfect for breakfast during chilly winter mornings. 


You may have tried other soups, but have you tried a lump tomato soup? It is a delicious stew that has dumplings made up of boiled and mashed potatoes and seasonal spices. This soup is made to fill you up and warm you through in the cold elevation of the Himalayas.  

                          Image credits: Instagram/nirmala8855


This delight is something that would satisfy your bread cravings. It is a dough stuffed with a mixture of minced meat, spices, and cabbage. The meat varies from fresh yak or sheep meat. This fried snack-like dish is served with spicy tomato dip. Ideally served for breakfast, one can have it for lunch and dinner too. 


Another breakfast staple of Sherpa people is Rikikur or you can also call it ‘Sherpa pancake’ but not a sweet pancake. It is made up of potatoes and four. Topped with butter, spices, and yak cheese, one can serve it with spicing sauce. You can find it in cafes and restaurants at the Mt. Everest Base Camp.  

What say? Have you tried these dishes? Do let us know!