Move Over Plain Basundi, Here Are 5 Indulgent Regional Varieties

One of the most indulgent, creamy and decadent desserts popular in regional Maharashtrian and Gujarati cuisine is the basundi. Made from thickened milk and sugar and flavoured with elaichi and saffron, it is a crowd pleaser that works both, as a sweet after a meal, and as a warm main to dip puris in. 

Over time, numerous variations have been made to the simple basundi recipe which infuse it with fruity, nutty flavours to make it that much more luxe and indulgent. While plain basundi is OG perfection, these regional varieties can add quite a twist, and a whole other layer of flavour to the simple dish. Read on below for some popular regional takes on the plain basundi:

Mango Basundi

A popular variety especially during summers, mango basundi is made by adding fresh cut mango pieces and freshly squeezed aamras to the traditional basundi recipe. Mango basundi can also be made by adding mango pulp to the dish, adjusting the amount of sugar, of course! If you want a substitute for aamrakhanda, mango basundi is a brilliant alternative that can be enjoyed with warm puris.

Indrani Basundi

This is basically a version of the angoor malai but with a thicker milk consistency . The small cottage cheese balls dipped in sugary sweet syrup are added to thickened, sweetened milk and seasoned with cashews, almonds and pistachios for making an Indrani cup full of indulgent, creamy goodness.

Navratna Basundi

Bringing together sweet bundi and sweetened milk, the navratna basundi is truly a gem of a dessert. The addition of the round, soft bundi dipped in ghee gives the sweet treat a nice flavour and every bite of the creamy basundi acquires a rather richer and chewy texture.

Gulkand Basundi

A highly sweet take on an already sweet basundi, this is ideal for those with a heightened sweet tooth. Infused with the aroma of roses and the flavours of gulkand, the creamy basundi when served chilled is a good substitute for cold desserts like ice creams and mastani. Garnish it with rose petals for a luxurious aesthetic.

Pineapple Basundi

Sweet and sour pineapple added to basundi infuses into this simple dessert a different flavour profile which pairs well with the creaminess of the plain, sweetened milk. Chunks of pineapple that are found under your teeth also help to bring a taste break while having bowlfuls of the dessert, so you can enjoy two helpings, instead of one!