Move Over Paneer Roll, Try These Hatke Ones

We all look forward to having the most fun possible on the weekends since they are so great. While some of us enjoy cooking a feast at home, others enjoy having brunch with friends or family. We have something for you if you belong to that group. Nothing beats the sensation of indulging in your favourite treats while taking advantage of your days off. In order to help you enjoy your weekend, we've provided you with some quick and simple veg roll recipes. The best part is that making these rolls doesn't require long preparation times or laborious effort. The preparation time is really a few minutes. What are you waiting for then? Let's start with the list. Look at the details below. 

Paneer Roll 

One of the most popular rolls is the paneer roll. The chunks of paneer marinated in curd, spices and mint chutney wrapped in flaky parathas are cooked to perfection. Heat the roti or paratha on a flat pan with a few drops of oil. Lay the beaten egg on top of it and cook it for a while. Place the cubes of marinated paneer on top of the pudina chutney, then garnish with pickled onions. Roll up after adding a little chaat masala. Cut it in half and serve it with chutney or ketchup. Paneer roll prepared in street style! 

Chapati Roll 

Next, for those of you vegetarians out there, we present you another delicious roll. This dish is ideal for you if you want to experience the taste of the tandoor. This roll calls for marinating soya chunks in zesty and hot spices before grilling them until they are soft. Roast the chapati in a skillet and top with tomato or coriander chutney, or both, along with a mixture of chopped vegetables. Add chaat masala, onion, and soy chunks with lemon juice as garnish. Your chapati rolls are now ready; take a bite and enjoy! 

Sooji Roll 

If you're seeking for a recipe with high health and flavour ratings, this one is interesting. This roll will warm your heart because it is made with sooji, a nutritious and healthful semolina, and is loaded with crunchy vegetables. Sauté some onions, ginger, and green chilies in oil that has been heated. Cook softened vegetables like carrots and capsicum after adding them. Mix thoroughly after adding the mashed potato mixture. Just like you would make cheela on a flat tawa, make wraps for the rolls using sooji and curd batter. The cheela must be as thin as paper. Cook with both sides exposed. Cut the rolls into smaller pieces after stuffing them with aloo stuffing. Enjoy it when being served with chilli sauce! 

Mushroom Potato Roll 

It is well known that mushrooms have a high nutritious value and few calories. In consideration of this, we have provided a dish for you to enjoy the deliciousness of mushrooms; give it a try this weekend. You must sauté chopped tomatoes and onion until they are tender before adding salt, mustard powder, and chilli flakes and mixing. The mushrooms, Worcestershire sauce, and vinegar can now be added. Stir thoroughly and set aside. Then, combine to create a dough-like consistency the boiling crushed potatoes, breadcrumbs, maida, salt, and butter. Once it is prepared, roll it into little balls and wrap the dough around the mushrooms. Shape it into a set of small rolls. Put this in a thin layer of bread crumbs and maida batter, then deep-fried it until it turns golden brown. Finally, eat this snack while it is still hot with chutney!