Move Over Mozzarella And Feta, Try These Indian Variety of Cheese
Image Credit: This cheese mostly found in the mountain region of India is made from Yak milk. / Ayandrali Dutta

When you think of indigenous variety of cheese, there is no dearth of such in India. It’s time that we move over paneer and explore our reginal cheese that is yet to get it’s due recognition. Gouda, parmesan, feta, brie cheddar and more has been ruling the market, but it’s time that the local varieties get a place on the plate. From Kalari and Qudam, Bandel to Chhurpi the list is endless. These lesser-known counterpart of paneer is equally versatile and delicious. And interestingly a lot of Indian cheesemongers are trying ti revive them for the mainstream market. 

Here's the list of few Indian variety of cheese 


Ayandrali Dutta


This cheese that is mostly found in the mountain region of India is made from Yak milk. There are two variety of churpi, the soft and the hard. The hard is generally chewed bit by bit for a long time while the soft one is also stuffed inside momo’s at times. This protein rich cheese is from the Himalayan village is also consumed like a snack. Fondly called the Nepali cheese, this one sees a smoky fragrance

Topli nu paneer

Parsi topli nu paneer or Surti paneer is a Parsi staple. Traditionally made by dripping coagulated milk, this one is soaked in salty whey and served in small, leafy baskets. It’s said that cheese making was introduced to the Parsi community by the Dutch. Not found in the market, this cheese is delicate salty and can be eaten straight from the bowl.