To all the coffee lovers in the house, do you like Cappuccino or Americano or Latte? Well, if the former is your go-to choice in coffee, then today is a day of celebration for you. Celebrating this style of coffee, people are rejoicing at the National Cappuccino Day in the US. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is appetizing to several people and when its cappuccino then you should gear yourself up for a strong cup of beverage coming your way. 

Did you know that cappuccino is slightly stronger than your regular drip coffee yet contains lesser amount of caffeine than others? A shot of espresso is topped on to the coffee made of steamed milk foam. Originally from Austria, a cup of cappuccino travelled till Italy to evolve into its present form. While the traditional preparation involves milk foam, these days, cream is also used as a substitute for the same. 

Sipping on your hot cup of cappuccino, did you ever think that it could be used as a core ingredient for desserts too? Yes, that’s right. Not just your regular coffee cup, the flavouring of cappuccino can be added to anything, from cakes to cookies. 

Here are some decadent ideas that you can try this Cappuccino Day. 

1.  Cappuccino Granola Bars 

Granola bars are the perfect snack when you are facing midday or midnight hunger pangs. Easy to make and filling, these granola bars are made with cappuccino and chocolate chips. Now, we don’t think we’ve to tell you more when coffee is combined with chocolate, right? Right from the strong aroma to the irresistible taste, these bars should surely be on your list. 

2.  Cappuccino Cheesecake 

You must have had a plethora of cheesecakes, ranging from blueberry to red velvet but how about a cappuccino-flavoured cheesecake? This one right here adds to the strong coffee flavour with the use of dark chocolate. It is ready in just a few easy steps and then you can gobble down a slice that very day. 

3.  Cappuccino Monkey Bread 

Why have the boring bread every morning? Up your breakfast game with this soft and moist cappuccino bread. Hints of cinnamon in this coffee-flavoured bread along with sugar make it difficult to have just one slice. 

4.  Cappuccino Whoopies 

Small, baked buns with a sprinkle of cappuccino, these coffee whoopies look like macaroons at first. Sandwiched with melted white chocolate, the sweetness is balanced with the strong hints of cappuccino. 

5.  Cappuccino Trifles 

Cream cheese topped with crushed cookies topped with cappuccino mix make for a delectable trifle glass. Not only do the layers look beautiful but the crunchy and creamy balance with the essence of coffee transforms it into a yummy dessert. This one is best eaten when served chilled.