Our undying love for Indo-Chinese food is evident from the string of big and small Indo-Chinese eateries that line our streets. So, what is Indo-Chinese cuisine you ask? Over the years, India’s proximity to China has led to an influx of culinary styles and recipes that have been given an Indian spin, in India itself. Most of you may not know, that Manchurian is in fact not native to China at all. It was created in the year 1975m by chef Nelson Wang, who used to cook at the Cricket Club of India in Mumbai. When a customer asked for something different, he created what we know as Manchurian.  

Many such dishes like veg spring roll, paneer chilli, chicken chilli and mushroom chilli are fine examples of Indo-Chinese dishes. These dishes are commonplace on Indian streets today, but how often have you come across Egg Chilli.  

This viral video by Instagrammer @sanskarkhemani shot at Nagpur’s Ramu Omelette Center, IT Park is sure to make you sit up and take notice. The video that has already crossed more than 971k views in over a week, features a vendor who first boils some eggs, peels them and cuts them in half with the help of a thread attached to his cart (efficient, right?) and shallow fries them in oil (with yolks). Then, he proceeds to make the masala of the Egg Chilli, for which he takes the pan and throws in some diced onions and capsicum. He sautees the same love high flame, further he adds some water followed by chilli sauce and chilli masala. When the gravy is somewhat ready and bubbling, he tosses in the boiled eggs and fries it until the eggs are nicely covered in the gravy.  

To be honest, this more or less appears like an Indo-Chinese version of an Anda curry to us. The comments section of the video is also buzzing with mixed reactions.  

“Dear Thanos we miss you”, wrote a user who was clearly not impressed by the experiment.

Some were even surprised as to how the boiled egg didn’t burst when he tried frying it directly on a hot pan. 

Acidity ultra pro max”, wrote another user, who took a dig at the spice quotient of the preparation.  

1 Kg Amul butter kon dalega”, commented a user, criticising Indian Street Food vendor’s habit of adding extra butter to everything.  

What did you think of Egg Chilli? Do let us know. If you are craving a simple egg curry, then here’s a recipe you will definitely enjoy.