Mouni Roy's Feasts On Onam Sadhya, Find Out What's On Her Plate

Onam, Kerala’s harvest festival has come to a close but many are still enjoying their Onasadhya feasts. Actress Mouni Roy took to social media to share pictures of a beautifully plated banana leaf platter with all the traditional Onam recipes. A foodie extraordinaire, Roy often showcases all the delectable treats she tries on her travels and this picture has everyone wishing for their own sadhya.

The Onam Sadhya is a sumptuous and traditional feast that holds a significant place in Kerala's culture and culinary heritage. Celebrated during the harvest festival of Onam, this elaborate vegetarian meal is a symbol of family, abundance, and cultural identity. The Sadhya consists of an array of dishes, typically served on a banana leaf, showcasing a blend of flavours, textures, and aromas. 

Roy’s sadhya was the picture of the idyllic feast, at its heart was rice, accompanied by an array of curries such as avial, tangy-sweet olan, sour pulissery, and erissery. The feast features delectable side dishes including the crisp and golden banana chips, pickles, and pachadi. The unmissable pappadam makes an appearance, while the sweet prathamans and payasam desserts round off the meal all with the traditional banana at the side along with some pink sharbats. The Sadhya often features around 20 to 30 dishes, each carefully prepared with locally sourced ingredients and spices. 

Mouni Roy’s Onam sadhya was a delicious reminder about the wealth of culture and cuisine that Kerala has to offer and also as a reminder of the actress’ love for all things food. In the past she’s shared everything from her adventures in Kolkata to a vast Japanese feast so it makes sense that on the happy occasion of Onam, she made the effort to indulge in traditional Onam fare.