Mother’s Day Special: Here Are Some Decadent Dessert Recipes To Celebrate The Day
Image Credit: Pixabay, From tiramisu to halwa and puddings, all that you can make for Mother's day this year.

Mother’s Day is almost here and we can’t keep calm. It is time to celebrate the most important lady of our life and the most special bond that we share with someone. Although we have numerous working mothers across industries, making their mark, it is the maa ke haath ka khana that is most often talked about. The love and passion with which they cook for us enhances the flavour of the food. In fact, anything made with love and one’s whole heart can actually strike a chord with others. However, it is time for you to touch those heartstrings and do some cooking. Don’t be the lazy kid for this one day at least and grab that kitchen apron from your mother when she gets up to cook in the morning tomorrow. 

While a nice breakfast in bed would be a great idea to surprise her as soon as she wakes up, we suggest that you get onto desserts for the evening. For the kitchen novices, it isn’t easy to learn elaborate dishes in one day. So it’s best to start with some desserts. You could get your hands on some baked goods like cakes and muffins or whip up a nice pudding to suit the summer. Use all that you can find in the kitchen to create something refreshing and delicious. 

Here are some dessert recipes that you can try this Mother’s Day to sweeten the bond between you two. 

1.  Fruit Custard 

Did you know that it is the easiest dessert to make? You need some custard powder, milk and sugar and your custard would be ready. Since summers are here, you can fill the creamy and smooth custard bowl with chopped fruits like grapes, apples, bananas, pomegranates and another fruit that you please. This is filling and tasty, just the non-messy dessert you were looking for. 

2.  Mango-Tango Ice Cream Cake 

Mangoes are a quintessential summer thing and if you’re living in the northern part of the country, we bet you would have already started hogging on to them. A fruity cake with the goodness of ice cream, this one will be a time-taking affair. But we are sure that the result will be worth all the effort. 

3.  Chocolate Tiramisu 

The creamy white layers are alternated with a brown chocolate layer in the middle that gives the dessert a fabulous pop of colour. This yummy dessert is served chilled with a mascarpone filling inside. 

4.  Creamy Lemon Tart 

As the name suggests, creaminess is guaranteed in this recipe. The citrusy flavour of lemon, matched with sweet condensed milk balances it all out, giving us a crusty and tasty tart. 

5.  Besan Halwa 

Finally, for all the desi moms out there, it is best to stick to a halwa. Made with continuous stirring of flour and ghee and simultaneous addition of sugar, this dessert is a typical Indian sweet. Besan or gram flour is mixed with ghee to give a rich and decadent halwa that your mother will surely love.