Mother’s Day 2024: 7 Breakfast-In-Bed Ideas For Indian Moms
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Mother's Day 2024: 7 Breakfast-In-Bed Ideas To Make Your Mom Feel SpecialNothing can surprise Indian moms more than their kids serving them a delicious early morning breakfast with all their favourite ingredients. You may find countless recipe ideas online that are mostly based on international meals, but the ones with Indian picks are truly rare to find.

This list is curated keeping in mind the preferences of Indian moms and only features the most delicious and easy Indian recipes with a perfect spice blend and ease of eating in bed. So, you can surprise her when she wakes up without being scolded for making a mess!

With these simple recipes and ingredients, you get the freedom to customise the flavours and preferences. Also, with quick prep time and no fussy preparations, these recipes are perfect to make early in the morning. Pair these meals with a kadak morning masala tea and impress your mom instantly.

7 Indian Breakfast-In-Bed Options To Pamper Your Mom

1) Besan Chilla

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Besan chilla is one of the classic recipes that’s also preferred by fitness freaks to get a protein boost. With a hearty besan batter mixed with vegetables, spices and herbs, these savoury pancakes can be perfectly paired with any chutney or sauce and can be accompanied by morning tea.

2) Masala Poha

Poha is a  traditional Indian breakfast dish that combines flattened rice with a burst of spices, veggies, and nuts. The flavourful and satisfying dish promises a delightful start to her special day. While it may seem like a hard recipe, it's pretty easy to make and only involves a few steps.

3) Aloo ka Paratha

Moms make the best aloo ka paratha in the world. To show appreciation for your mom's recipe, you can recreate her recipe to serve her a great breakfast on Mother's Day. While the traditional recipe involves flatbreads stuffed with a seasoned mixture of mashed potatoes, you can add your mom's signature twist to the recipe.

4) Cheesy Masala French Toast

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French toast gets a lovely spicy twist with this recipe. The slices of bread are drenched in a spicy mixture of beaten eggs with chopped onions, chillies, tomatoes and coriander. Then it is fried on a pan on both sides until it turns crispy golden. Top it with some cheese to add more flavour. You can replace eggs with besan batter to give it a vegetarian twist.

5) Gobhi Bhurji with Toast

Mornings in Indian households usually don't start with non-veg meals; therefore, instead of eggs in the traditional bhurji, you can use cauliflower shreds. The flavours come out insanely well and the way spices meld with cauliflower is truly unmatched in any other recipe. Pair it with toasted bread to complete the meal.

6) Crispy Bhaji

Bhajis for breakfast? Yes, you can make some delicious and healthy bhajis by using an airfryer or simply over a pan. Bhajis make any occasion festive and can instantly bring a smile to your mother's face. When paired with tea, the taste becomes even more delightful.

7) Bombay Aloo Sandwich

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You can recall eating a Bombay aloo sandwich from your mom’s hand when you came back home from an exhausting play session with friends. Revoking the sweet memories, this Bombay sandwich with hearty vegetables fillings and chutneys can make your mom’s day special and give her a satisfying feeling.

There are a lot of treats stored in the attic of Indian breakfast options, but these seven are simple and easy to make without creating a mess. Try them out and surprise your mom early in the morning.