Mother's Day 2024: 6 Easy Mother's Day Desserts
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Every year International Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. This year, Mother's Day is going to be celebrated on May 12. A person may trot the globe and try the most exquisite cuisines, but nothing beats the home-cooked food made by one's mother. Food is the love language for mothers and it's time to reciprocate the incessant and profound efforts of mothers. 

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This year, everyone can surprise their mothers by treating them with some dreamy desserts. Ordering a dessert from a bakery or a restaurant is quite easy. These desserts may be delicious but lack the special and personal touch that makes a gift or surprise special. Here are some easy-to-make desserts at home that one can try making this Mother's Day.

* No Bake Cheesecake

A cheesecake is a decadent and scrumptious dessert that can be an incredibly impressive Mother's Day treat. This dessert is especially for people who have no experience in cooking. No-bake cheesecake is made by making a base from grinding biscuits in a food processor. These biscuits have to be put in cheesecake, moulded, and set properly to make the base layer with the help of a spoon. Now on the top of this biscuit layer, one has to carefully spread some cream cheese. In the end, one can spread some chocolate spread and now the cheesecake must be put in the refrigerator. After a couple of hours, the dessert will be properly set and can be served.

* Tiramisu

Tiramisu is a very easy-to-make Mother's Day dessert. To make tiramisu at home, one has to use a lot of condensed milk to get the right flavour. Condensed milk has to be beaten vigorously to make a fluffy cream. This cream has to be layered on some soft coffee or sponge cakes along with cocoa powder and some chocolate shavings on the top. This is a delicious dessert that can be also modified as per one's preference. Instead of using coffee sponge cakes, one may use any other flavour of sponge cakes.

* Chocolate Molten Cakes

Chocolate simply makes any occasion special. This is an indulgent and creamy dessert for people who are confused and want to make a safe option that their mother is going to like. This is a mouth-melting pudding that may look difficult to master but is quite easy to make. It is like a chocolate lava cake that is gooey from the centre and filled with vanilla and melted chocolate. One simply needs butter, dark chocolate, brown soft sugar, large eggs, all-purpose, flour and single cream to make these molten cakes.

* Apple Vanilla Tart

Apple vanilla tart is a classic start dish that can win hearts from the first bite onwards. This looks like an apple pizza but has citrusy and caramelised flavours of apples and apricots. One simply has to arrange slices of apples over a pastry base. On top of these apples, a person has to sophisticatedly brush apricot conserve and sprinkle some chopped nuts. This plush patisserie has to be cooked inside the microwave until the apples start dissolving into the apple base. 

* Sponge Cake

A simple sponge cake is a minimalistic dessert that is delightful and super comforting. This dessert may look mundane but is one of the most indulgent recipes on the list. It is a combination of a fluffy sponge cake that is immersed in a buttery butterscotch sauce. The right way to eat the sponge cake is to have it with a big spoon of vanilla ice cream or some fruit custard on the side. The cake also has subtle flavours of lemon juice that make it taste more refreshing.

* Orange And Pomegranate Cheesecake 

Orange and pomegranate cheesecake is so delightful to look at that it is surely going to bring a smile to your mother's face just from a single glance. This cake has citrusy notes because of the use of fresh oranges and is decorated with a lot of pomegranate seeds on the top. The luscious layer of cream cheese goes well with fruits as they balance the heaviness of the cream. This cheesecake doesn't require any baking and can be prepared in under 15 minutes. If one doesn't have a food processor or a blender for making powder from biscuits, then it can be also done with the help of a spoon and hands