Indians Need To Upgrade Breakfast For Better Nutrition: Study

How many of you did not have breakfast today? Despite the fact that breakfast is referred to as the most essential meal of the day since it helps begin the body's metabolism after a night of sleep, many of us are guilty of skipping it or having a breakfast that is nutritionally inadequate because of our hectic schedules. This was demonstrated even further by research conducted by a manufacture of cereal products as breakfast foods in India on the breakfast habits of urban Indians. 

According to the findings of the survey, twenty-five percent of urban Indians neglect to consume breakfast at all. Among those who do consume breakfast, seventy-two percent of them are okay with a meal that is deficient in key nutrients. There is just three percent of people that consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day. Based on these findings, it is clear that there is a need for a change in breakfast routines. Taking a few additional minutes out of your daily routine to provide your body with healthy nutrients may have a huge impact on your general health and well-being. 

Why Breakfast Is Important?

There is more to breakfast than just a meal; it is the most effective approach to keep one's health in good standing and to avoid potential health risks. It is common practice to refer to breakfast as the first meal that you have following a time of fasting that lasts between nine and ten hours (break the night fast). When you are just starting out, it is recommended that you include foods that are high in nutrients. 

It is true that your body continues to function even when you are sleeping. Only one thing will be different: you won't be engaging in any physical activities. Because the body is always working, there is a possibility that it will exhaust its supply of energy. Because of this ongoing process, the glucose level is steadily decreasing; hence, breakfast is required in order to stimulate the metabolism. A healthy breakfast will offer your body the important nutrients and minerals it needs to get the day's work started off on the right foot. 

5 Reasons Why Breakfast Is Important 

Boosts Metabolism 

How you start your day with breakfast determines how you spend the remaining time of it. Think about how your body functions without food or drink overnight before you miss breakfast. And therefore, the metabolic processes will turn the food you eat for breakfast into usable energy. In a nutshell, breakfast is a powerhouse that will give you the stamina to tackle the day ahead. Get your blood pumping and muscles ready to tackle the day with a nutritious meal. 

Supplies Essential Nutrients  

You must supply your body with the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins it needs in order for it to function properly. A healthy breakfast provides your body with the fuel it needs to tackle the day ahead by supplying it with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are less likely to occur as a result. 

Controls Weight 

You will not see any improvement in your efforts to lower your body weight if you skip breakfast. Those who consume breakfast on a daily basis have a lower risk of being overweight or obese. The body's insulin response can be increased when breakfast is skipped, which can lead to an increase in body weight. Having a nutritious breakfast first thing in the morning will help you feel less hungry throughout the rest of the day. 

Balanced Sugar Levels 

It is essential to maintain a healthy balance in sugar levels in order to prevent long-term health problems, and breakfast is the ideal time to accomplish it. Your body and brain will remain healthy if you maintain a good balance in your sugar levels. The consumption of breakfast contributes to the maintenance of the body's metabolism as a whole. 

Reduces The Risk of Illness 

If you eat breakfast on a regular basis, you will have a lower likelihood of developing obesity and type 2 diabetes. Consuming breakfast can also help prevent cardiovascular disorders. A lack of breakfast in the morning might result in a significant deficiencies, which can lead to major health risks. The immune system may be impacted as a result of this.