Mood Spoiler Alert: 5 Foods To Avoid When Angry

We cannot deny that there is a direct connection between our food and our emotions. While there are certain foods that can lift our mood, there are some which can leave us sad and distressed. You may not have noticed the impact of food on your mental state, but this phenomenon does exist. Whenever we are angry, it becomes essential for us to stay calm and focus on the diet. 

Did you know that there are some foods that can have an adverse effect on your mental state when you are angry? These foods can impact your emotional responses and can also become an obstacle in the way of you getting calm and composed. While talking to Health Shots, Archana Singhal, Counselor, Family Therapist, and a Member of the Counselors Council of India and WICCI NPWC said that it is a common habit to rely on food when we are angry.  

She added, “Even when we are full, we still eat. However, you should be aware that the food you eat when you’re under stress fills you up mentally rather than physically, which is really bad for your inner health. Eating while angry leads to overeating, which is not a healthy habit. This may invite digestive issues such as diarrhea, bloating, and acid reflux. Apart from binge eating or overeating, you should also be mindful of what you are eating in times of stress and anger.”  

Let us know about those foods and drinks! 


Beverages like tea, coffee, energy drinks etc. contain stimulants like caffeine which can lead to the feeling of restlessness, irritability as well as anxiety. Such foods and drinks can stimulate the nervous system and can also affect the sleeping pattern. Thus, stimulants like this should be avoided when angry. 

Foods With High Spice Level 

If some experts are to be believed, spicy foods can lead to an increase in the body temperature and can trigger a physical response like “fight or flight” reaction. Consumption of spicy food can increase the feeling of stress or anger in some cases. Besides, it can lead to digestive discomfort, which can lead to frustration and irritation. 

High Sugar Foods 

Foods with sugar content like chocolates, candies, desserts, cold drinks etc. can lead to massive fluctuations in the blood sugar level. Consumption of sugary foods can cause mood swings, irritability, frustration as well as energy crashes in the body.  Thus, such foods should be avoided. 

Fast Food 

Fast food contains high content of additives, unhealthy fats and preservatives which are bad for the body. These compounds can lead to inflammation in the body and can eventually affect the mood as well as emotional state. As per studies, consuming processed and fast foods can lead to low energy which can increase anger. 


While for some, alcohol can help in coping with stress or anger, it can intensify anger and stress levels for some. As per some studies, alcohol is a depressant which can impair judgment and affect the decision-making process. Besides, it can lead to negative emotions. 

Take a note and see if this helped!