Monsoon Tips: How To Optimise Your Gas Cylinder Usage

Along with relief from the scorching summer heat, the monsoon also brings a long list of challenges for us such as protecting our food from moisture and combating seasonal illness. Our kitchen becomes a battleground during the rainy season as most of the problems arise in that room. It is very important to take extra care of our groceries and cooked meals in this season to prevent them from spoiling. 

Most of us pay attention to all these points but forget about our gas stove. Did you know during rainy season the consumption of gas cylinder spikes? This is because of the increased cooking frequency and reheating process as we all prefer fresh cooked food to stay safe from monsoon sickness. But on the other hand, it also increases our monthly budget as gas cylinders are quite expensive. 

So, here are a few tips for you to optimise your gas cylinder usage during the monsoon: 

Avoid Cooking On Low Flame 

Most of us think cooking on low flame saves energy but that may not work during monsoon. In this season due to breeze the flame might extinguish occasionally, and you will be unaware of the gas leak. Low flame also increases the cooking time which speeds up the fuel consumption. So, always prefer medium flame along with keeping an eye on the gas supply. 

Soak Lentils And Rice Before Cooking

Soaking rice and lentils for a few minutes before cooking them also helps in reducing your gas consumption. Soaking them makes the ingredients soft thus cuts the cooking time and energy. It also helps in better absorption of nutrients. If the grains are a bit hard then you also soak them overnight. 

Avoid Cooking Directly From The Fridge

All of us would agree that we have done this at some point in time. Whenever in a hurry, we just grab the food item from our fridge and throw it into the cooking pot. But this method might increase your gas consumption. Always let the refrigerated ingredients such as milk and vegetables sit at room temperature for some time and use it for cooking. Taking them out in advance will save your time along with the gas cylinder. 

Right Way To Use Matchsticks

If you still prefer traditional matchsticks to ignite your gas stove always light the matchstick first and then switch on the knob of the stove. This will not only prevent energy waste, but it is also a safety tip. There are chances that due to moisture or some other reason the matchstick might fail, and this increases the risk of accidents. 

Safety Tips For Handling Gas Cylinders 

  • Always store the gas cylinders vertically on a flat surface in a proper ventilated area to prevent the risk of accident due to gas leaks. 
  • After using the gas stove always turn off the knob properly, specially before sleeping. 
  • While getting a new cylinder, check the seal properly to ensure that it is intact and if you find any problem immediately inform the delivery person.