Monsoon Special: Madhuri Dixit Gives Bhajiya Lessons; See Video

The monsoon is here and so is the time to enjoy some crispy and scrumptious pakoras. Be it of any type, crunchy and crispy fitters never fail to amaze us. And we can’t deny that onion pakoras or bhajiyas are the best. How many ways do you think there are to make crunchy onion bhajiyas? Well, maybe one or two? What if we give you four? Recently, a Madhuri Dixit Nene teamed up with her husband Dr Shriram Nene and younger son Ryan Nene and gave some quick lessons. 

Madhuri Dixit along with her husband Dr Shriram Nene and son Ryan Nene, in Dr Nene’s YouTube video, taught how to make onion bhajiyas in not one, two but four different ways. This is not it. The couple and their son also talked about different cooking techniques to make the onion bhajiya I.e., deep fried, air fried, shallow fried and baked. Besides, they recommended onion bhajiya’s panko-coated version for those foodies who are conscious about their health. 

Check out the video here: 

Video credits: Dr Nene/YouTube

The couple not just gave detailed recipes but also gave information about the pros and cons of the cooking techniques. They explained how the air frying technique ensures reduced oil absorption and greasiness. Besides, it also has higher nutritional value, even though the bhajiya tend to be less crispy and takes longer time in getting ready. They told how the baked version is convenient to make and ensures lesser oil absorption with high nutritional value. It may take a longer cooking time but has a different flavour and texture. On the other hand, deep fried or shallow fried has a traditional flavour and texture but, they involve more oil usage and can lead to “health considerations”. 

Madhuri Dixit, her husband Dr Shriram Nene and her son Ryan Nene paired the bhajiyas with a cup of authentic masala chai. And you know what? They also talked about how you can make the lovely cup of tea using crushed green cardamom, cloves, black peppercorns, ginger, brown sugar and milk.   

What’s your plan for the monsoon?