Madhuri Dixit’s Husband’s Secret To Healthy Skin Is This Drink
Image Credit: Dr. Shriram Nene/Instagram, The actor's husband swears by a healthy concoction during winters.

One of the biggest superstars of her era, Madhuri Dixit is one of the few people of Bollywood continues to charm fans even today. The ageless beauty’s husband, Dr. Shriram Nene is not far behind when it comes to flawless skin. Seems like the couple has been drinking some secret potion to keep themselves healthy and active even in their 50s and looks like Shriram has disclosed it now. 

The doctor shared a drink that he swears by and called it the “ABCG” drink. Wondering what each of them stands for? Well, it is apples, beetroot, carrots and ginger. All these amazing fruits and vegetables are added to a blender and the end result is a glass of fresh juice that is the right way to begin your day. Posing with the glass of juice, he posted a picture of himself on his Instagram feed and said, “Nothing like a glass of ABCG juice”. He also added, “I think we covered most of the vitamins”.

Decoding the nutrient profile of this immunity-boosting drink, one discovers that it is a great way to keep your skin healthy and glowing too. Apples, for instance, are known for being fibrous while beetroot is good for blood circulation. Carrots are great during winters as they strengthens bones because they contain calcium and Vitamin K. Overall, the entire blend is good for improving metabolism as well as losing weight. 

It is a good detox drink too that can be prepared and drunk on an empty stomach. The actor’s husband is a huge fan of fruits and vegetables and likes to eat healthy. Just a while back, his friend and chef, Vikas Khanna sent over some Indian grapefruit freshly picked from trees and Shriram was quite elated upon receiving it.