Monsoon Health: Immunity-Boosting Vegetables To Add In Your Diet

No doubt the monsoon brings relief from the scorching heat but on the other hand it also increases the risk of seasonal illness like cold and cough. Therefore, it is important to maintain a strong immune system in the rainy season. During monsoon we are more prone to being infected by the disease-causing bacteria that weakens our immunity

Besides maintaining good hygiene and drinking clean water, we also need to include nutritious and seasonal foods in our diet that help in boosting immunity and fighting against disease-causing germs. Along with herbs, dry fruits and whole grains, vegetables are also an amazing way to make your immune system stronger. 

So, here are five vegetables that help in boosting immunity during monsoon: 

Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd is high in water content that makes it a perfect addition to your summer and monsoon diet. According to PharmEasy, it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties along with immunity-boosting nutrients. Bottle gourd is also rich in fibre that is good for your digestive system. You can enjoy bottle gourd as curry, lauki dal, stir-fried, juice and kofta. 

Bell Pepper 

This vibrant vegetable is an incredible source of vitamin C that makes it a great choice for boosting immunity in this season. According to Healthline, they are also good for eye health and several chronic diseases. Bell pepper can be enjoyed as salads, curry, stir-fried and can also become a part of your sandwiches and noodles. 


Also known as lady finger, this is an easy way to boost your immunity during the monsoon. Okra is loaded with essential nutrients like vitamins, calcium and iron that fight against harmful and disease-causing bacteria. Another good thing about bhindi is it is also amazing in taste. Bhindi stir-fried, bhindi curry, bhindi masala and salan are popular dishes prepared with okra. 


This is another good source of vitamin C. According to Healthline, broccoli also contains digestible carbs and fibre that supports gut health. The nutrients present in this vegetable protect you from various harmful infections that are prevalent during monsoon. Broccoli can be enjoyed as smoothies, curry, salads and soups. 

Bitter Gourd 

Also known as karela, this healthy veggie is an amazing source of antioxidants that help in warding-off monsoon sickness. Though not everyone likes its taste, its nutritional profile is amazing. According to WebMD, bitter gourd is also good for managing diabetes. This vegetable can be enjoyed as stir-fried, curry, bharwa karela and juice.