Monsoon Diet: Foods To Include In Diet During The Damp Weather
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As much as we enjoy the splashes of rain and the puddles all around, we often fall sick during the monsoon owing to the surge of insect activity. Our bodies are prone to viral infections, including coughs and colds, stomach ailments and digestive issues, and other immunity-related diseases. Thus, it is important to keep our bodies healthy and maintain a well-balanced and mindful diet

Although we love hot fried pakoras or steaming maggi and masala chai, these won’t help us fight viral infections. During monsoons, one should focus on incorporating a variety of nutrient-rich foods to combat the infections caused by seasonal changes. There are several foods that must be added to your diet, and some must be avoided. It is advisable to indulge in fresh foods and certain herbs and spices that strengthen our immunity.   

What needs to be consumed during the monsoon arises as a major question. However, we are here to help you. Take a look at the food that must be consumed during the monsoon:   

  • Seasonal Food  

Ensure that you consume seasonal fruits and vegetables during the rainy season. The foods are rich in the necessary nutrients and vitamins to fortify our immune system. Foods like cherries, plums, lychees, and leafy greens are packed with nutrients that provide a much-needed boost during damp and dull weather.    

  • Consume Probiotics   

It is necessary to consume probiotics like buttermilk, yoghurt, and soybeans, as they are loaded with good bacteria that may help with digestive health during the monsoon. Moreover, probiotics aid in the efficient absorption of nutrients from food, which is particularly important during this season when digestion might be compromised.   

  • Consume Vitamin C-rich Foods  

Vitamin C is known for its potent antioxidant properties that help neutralise harmful free radicals and strengthen the body's natural defense mechanisms. Besides, vitamin C helps in the production and function of white blood cells, which are crucial for fighting off infections that are common during the rainy season. 

  • Sprouts  

They are loaded with essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They can be included in breakfast or as evening snacks because they are easily digestible and aid in improving gut health. They also boost the immune system during the monsoon.   

  • Turmeric Milk  

It is a miraculous drink, as it is highly beneficial for maintaining good health and immunity. Turmeric exhibits antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, turmeric milk, also known as golden milk, is a comforting and soothing beverage that can provide relief from common colds, coughs, and sore throats during the monsoon.   

  • Ginger-Tulsi Tea   

This hot, healthy tea is highly recommended during the monsoon. Ginger is known for its warming properties, making it particularly suitable for damp and chilly weather. Tulsi, on the other hand, is regarded as a holy herb that helps relieve stress and boost energy levels. Combining both tulsi and ginger not only enhances the taste but also creates a powerful blend of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, and antibacterial agents. The tea can help alleviate respiratory issues like colds, coughs, and congestion that are prevalent during the monsoon.