Monsoon Cravings: 5 Gujarati Snacks To Relish During The Season

Gujarati food has followers all across the globe, isn’t it? Gujarati cuisine is hands down, one of the oldest culinary treasures comprises of mostly vegetarian gems. Right from a plethora of vegetarian dishes to chutneys and farsaan, everything comprises of healthy ingredients. It offers a palate-pleasing combination of sweet and sour flavors. And when it comes to snacks, there is nothing that can beat their taste and texture. Gujarati snacks are easy to make, made with healthy ingredients and are irresistibly delicious.  

Since monsoon is here, let us know about 5 Gujarati snacks that you can enjoy during the season. Here you go! 


If you are looking for a simple, delicious and healthy snack, Muthia is what you need. These basically are steamed or fried dumplings made up of fenugreek leaves or methi, gram flour, wheat flour and a plethora of Indian spices. Best part? You can store this snack in the kitchen for a long time during monsoon. 

Video credits: Rajshri Food/YouTube

Gujarati Dal Wada 

If there is a Gujarati snack that can perfectly compliment the monsoon, it is the Gujarati Dal Wada. Made with just a handful of ingredients, Gujarati Dal wada is a crispy and delicious Gujarati snack perfect for rainy days. Its recipe may vary from different areas in Gujarat, but love remains the same. 

Gujarati Samosa 

If you love samosas, you must try Gujarati samosas. These may be a little complex to make but believe me, their taste and fine texture can never disappoint you. These samosas don't have boiled potatoes but chopped potatoes cooked with peas. Have a cup of garam chai and enjoy these samosas during the monsoon season. 

Gujarati Handvo 

Handvo is yet another popular Gujarati snack that you must try atleast once. This savoury tea cake is crispy on utside and softer on the inside. It has bottle gourd with milk buttermilk, flour, coriander, chilies, lentils and rice. It is easy to make and could be your perfect monsoon snack. 


This popular Gujarati snack is something one just cannot separate from a Gujarati cuisine. This snack goes well with hot and fresh jalebis. And believe me, once you taste this snack, there is no looking back. When consumed with a hot cup of chai, this can be a snack of your dreams.