Momo Mia! 4 Gravy Momos You Just Can’t Miss
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

Talk of food in India and you can’t leave street food out of the discussion. We love our street food like nothing else, and perhaps that is why we have so much of variety. From spicy, mild and sweet to fried, grilled and even baked, Indian street food offers it all. Be it your gol gappe, tikkis, rolls, or even pasta or chowmein from the street side vendors, you'll always end up having more servings than usual. But one delicacy that has taken the street food community by storm, has to be momos. Served with aa fiery chutney, momos are something that we all can find almost everywhere in a metro city, and now in many smaller cities of India as well. You’ll fnd a street food vendor in almost every locality in places like Delhi. Whether you like it steamed or fried - the flavour of this dish is sure to make you drool at the very first bite. However, over the years, as we experiment with food and try new flavours, we have found a variety of momos with different fillings, spices and even with gravy. Yes, you read that right. 

We have  momos dipped in a variety of gravies too. From fiery to creamy, we’ve got everything. So, if you love momos as much as we do, and are ready to experiment, we’ve got you a range of gravy momos that are easy to make, delicious to have, and perfect for your cravings. 

1. Mughlai Momos 

Give your momos a Mughlai spin as this recipe boast of cashews, cardamom and cream for a rich gravy to dip your momos in! 

2. Rasam Momos 

A perfect dish for those looking for comfort and flavour together in a dish. This south Indian twist to your favourite Asian snack is an unmissable delight.  

3. Pan Fried Fish Momos 

This one is a blast of flavours, full with fish momos deep fried, sauteed in a mix of zesty sauces, spices and herbs, and served hot. The fiery fish stuffing is simply irresistible. 

4. Chicken Momos Gravy 

It can’t get spicier than this- chicken momos in a hot and spicy gravy made with red chilli sauce, green chillies, tomato sauce, butter, ginger and garlic. Slurping much?