Modi-Fry It: 3 Ways To Use Leftover French Fries

Be it mindless munching or a house party, finger foods are undoubtedly our go-to additions to the menu. And when talking about finger foods, one can't help but count French fries in. the simple yet delicious fries literally go with anything and everything starting from burgers and sandwiches to cola. This versatility somehow leads us to have enormous servings that sit inside the fridge later for n number of days. And as the party season has just got over, we know it must be hard for you to deal with the leftovers sitting in your fridge waiting to be savoured. So, to help you out, here are some ways to use leftover French fries.

1. Potato Casserole

We know that a casserole recipe demands uncooked potatoes but there is no harm in using cooked potatoes too. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the baking time. Reduce the baking time as per your requirements and bake a wholesome and delicious potato casserole.

2. Burritos

A lavish party demands a wholesome and healthy lunch the day after and we can’t think of anything but a big and nutritious burrito. Make a filling and wholesome burrito with veggies of your choice and French fries to add flavours to it and relish it the next morning. Add a glass of fruit juice for a complete meal.

3. French Fries Pizza

French fries and pizzas are the two most commonly binge-worthy party foods. If you have both of them left from last night’s party, add some French fries over your pizza along with some seasoning and bake it to perfection. You can also add seasoned French fries to a regular pizza base along with some other toppings of your choice.

Now that you know these easy ways to use leftover French fries, you shouldn’t throw the fries in the dustbin anymore. Do try these hack to use leftover French fries and let us know how they turn out.