Modern Drinking Etiquette: Tips To Enjoy Your Beverage Experience
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If you enjoy going out drinking with friends to a local dive or a fancy watering hole, being mindful of small mannerisms and behaviours will not only make you stand out as a well-groomed individual but also elevate the overall experience of relishing a tipple. Simple enough to follow, basic etiquette hacks can be rather enjoyable too, once you get into the habit of mindfully practising these rules.

Stick To Classics 

Embracing drinking etiquette means ordering the right cocktail or spirit when you want to enjoy a leisurely evening or a cocktail party. While it would be unwise to drink simply to get tipsy, go with the classics like an old fashioned or a gin and tonic or even a delightful bourbon to let the evening unfold slowly. Make sure you’re drinking from a glass instead of chugging directly from a bottle or can.

Set A Pace

Although it is easy to succumb to peer pressure and drink more than intended to at a quicker pace than what one can handle, drinking at leisure means you enjoy the light buzz of a whisky or a cocktail while being in control of yourself. Setting your pace is crucial since it enables one to drink at a speed they are most comfortable with, without having to compete with the others. That said, if you are avoiding alcohol for health or wellness purposes, order a lime soda or lime water to keep everyone company.

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Avoid Chugging

If you’re in a social set-up which requires a certain level of politeness and inhibition while drinking, sipping on the drink instead of chugging it is advisable. Gulping down a glass filled with whisky creates an unsavoury impression in front of those assembled. Instead, find yourself a delectable tipple, swirl it a little to release its aromas and savour the intricate flavour notes that make up the cocktail.

Mind Your Bar Manners

An important reason why one ought to pace oneself is to remain civil and in control of behavioural faculties throughout the evening. Minding your bar manners, which includes interacting with the bartender courteously, being respectful towards wait staff and waiting patiently for your turn to refill your drink instead of cutting the line are some of the basic ways to ensure that the evening proceeds hassle-free.