An Ultimate Guide To Master Business Dining Etiquettes
Image Credit: Source: Unsplash

Building business ties over meals is a great approach. In comparison to offices, meals provide a more relaxed atmosphere that is suitable for comfortable dialogue. Below, we'll go over some of the etiquette guidelines to follow when dining with business associates, such as place setting, eating etiquette, and how to prevent sticky situations.

Make a reservation

It is critical to make a reservation because nothing is more unprofessional than having to wait for a table due to a lack of planning. You can also request a quiet table when you make a reservation so you can complete the mission you set out for. If you're hosting, arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to ensure that you get the quiet table you want and that everything runs properly. You should also pull the server aside and inform them that you will be paying for the supper or lunch.

Dress appropriately

As a general rule, you should dress the same way you do at work for a business dinner or lunch. Of course, if it's a more formal business dinner in a nice restaurant, you can dress up a little more, but in some cases, dressing better than your boss may upset him. If it's a significant client meeting, on the other hand, you should dress to the standard. Naturally, it is dependent on the niche. You'll dress differently if you're meeting with someone who works at a construction site all day than if you're meeting with someone who works at a law firm all day.

Greet everyone

Handshake and smile as you do so. Yes, everyone, not just the boss or the upper management, but everyone from the top down. It's critical that you stand up while doing it; else, it will feel and appear sloppy. Some regulations imply that men and women are made differently; yet, in the business world, everything should be the same, with a strong but not overly firm handshake and a smile.

 Silence your cell phone

Make sure your phone is turned off or muted before entering your business meeting to avoid interrupting the chat. And keep it in your bag or pocket for the duration of the meal.

Don’t order alcohol first

At business meals, alcohol may be awkward. If you're simply visiting, don't order a drink until your host does. And if you do, limit yourself to one. It's up to you if you're the host. However, before making a selection, think about your visitors.

Put a napkin on your lap

It's also crucial that you maintain basic table etiquette during your dinner. Put your napkin on your lap at the start of the meal and keep it there until you've finished eating.

Don’t order the most expensive item

It may seem self-evident, but it's critical to be considerate of others, particularly your host. So, unless you're picking up the check, don't order the steak or lobster.

Don’t argue over payment

The person who organised the dinner and invited everyone is responsible for picking up the check and tipping. So don't squabble over who will pay. If you're a guest, simply express your gratitude to the host. If anyone else offers to pay, politely decline if you're the host.