Mixologist Vineet Kumar Shares 3 Original Beer Cocktails
Image Credit: Beer Cocktails

One of the world’s most widely consumed alcohols, beer has a flavour for every palate. Light, summery hefeweizens for the casual afternoon drinker, dark rich stouts for those looking for a more complex experience and everything in between. But beer has the potential to grow far beyond what we know it as, and that’s where the beer cocktail comes in. 

Cocktail lovers may not be convinced that a modest drink like a beer can pull off the nuance that’s needed for a truly great cocktail but when the flavours are paired carefully and thoughtfully, a beer cocktail can be a thing of wonder. 

For International Beer Day, we spoke to mixologist extraordinaire and head bartender of Klap Delhi – Vineet Kumar – to learn about 3 of his own beer cocktail creations and learn the secrets behind each. And the best news is that these are some really easy beginner drinks that you can make at home to impress your family and friends with your cocktail flair.

1.    Hoppy Day

With an aromatic ginger edge and a refreshing citrus twist from the triple sec, this cocktail is best made with a light ale, preferably with a soft finish and fruity notes to elevate the citrus and gin.


    5 ml ginger syrup

    10 ml triple sec

    30 ml gin

    330 ml beer 


    In a shaker with a large ice cube combine the ginger syrup, triple sec and gin, and stir to combine.

    Strain the mixture into a chilled glass and top up with beer. 

2. Dark Wood

A deadly convergence of beer and coffee, this heady cocktail is reminiscent of Ireland’s favourite beer, Guinness as the coffee notes replicate the deep flavours of a stout and the maple syrup gives it a woody edge. For this cocktail, choose a traditional lager as the beer.


    1 shot of strong espresso

    5 ml maple syrup

    330 ml beer


    In a shaker combine the espresso and maple syrup and stir until the syrup has completely mixed into the coffee. 

    Transfer the mixture into a chilled glass and top up with beer. Stir to combine.

3. Tricked out

This simple cocktail is an ode to the world-famous Old Fashioned. It celebrates the classics and uses only angostura bitters to offset the alcohols at play. A traditional lager would be the best choice of beer for this traditional-inspired cocktail.


    30 ml whiskey

    2 dash of angostura bitters

    330 ml beer


    In a chilled glass add your whiskey with a dash of bitters.

    Top up with beer and ensure that it has a lot of head (foam).