Buying Bread? Here Are 5 Mistakes To Avoid
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Bread is an essential element of our daily diet and is primarily eaten in breakfast. But do you know why bread is preferred in breakfast? One of the primary causes is eating it in many forms, such as bread butter, sandwiches, bread rolls and more. But it’s essential to choose the proper bread so that it does not cause any harm to your health. Nowadays, selecting a perfect bread for fitness is quite challenging. In such a situation, it's possible that you, too, buy bread and get it at home without thinking. So, today we're telling you about some mistakes to avoid while buying bread.

Bread with sugar or without sugar?

It may sound strange to you, but sometimes sugar is hidden in your bread. It is often added to help retain moisture and flavour, increasing your daily sugar consumption. Thus, check the label to ensure that the bread does not contain added sugar. Also, check for ingredients like sugarcane juice, honey and corn syrup.

Whole grain bread vs flourless bread

This mistake also often happens while buying bread. We all consider whole grain and flourless bread the same. However, there's a difference between the two where other grains such as rice or barley can be added to whole grain bread. At the same time, only cassava and chickpea is used in flourless bread.

Wheat means healthy bread

This might have happened to almost all of us. Whenever we see 'wheat' written on the bread packaging, we think it is healthy and full of fibre and nutrients. But before buying it, one must check the ingredients list, whether it includes whole wheat flour, amaranth flour, or oats.

Ignoring preservatives

There is no doubt that fresh bread is considered the best for health. However, some preservatives are added to keep the bread fresh for a long time. Therefore, if possible, you should choose bread in which preservatives have not been used.

Missing fibre content

One of the health benefits of bread is its fibre content. But during its processing, its fibre content is significantly lost. Therefore, if you want to get high fibre content, choose whole grain or whole wheat bread.

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