Mirchi, Mirchi, Mirchi: 6 Chilies From Around The World
Image Credit: Bhoot Jolokia

Can you think of Indian cooking without chilies? No! Not just Indian cooking but chilies play a very important role in many International cuisines too. Did you know that there are over 4000 varieties of chilies in the world? And all these chilies vary in the levels of heat. If you have curious to know about some of the chili varieties from around the world, you have come to the right place. We have brought a list of chilies from around the world.  

Bhoot Jholokia from Northeast India 

Also known as Ghost pepper, this pepper is from Northeast India and is not at all for fainted hearted. Known for this super spice factor, these peppers were, as per reports, used in making chili grenades by the Indian Army. If you want to try this pepper, try it at your own risk. 

Dragon’s Breath from UK 

If there is a chili that can be mouth-numbing, it is the Dragon’s Breath chili. This is one of the spiciest in the world and is developed collaboratively by chili farmer Neal Price, Nottingham Trent University and NPK Technology. With extremely high spice level, it is believed that this chili can surpass the power of police-grade pepper sprays. Interesting, isn’t it? 

Lemon Drop from Peru 

Known for their lemony and zesty flavour, lemon drop chilies originated in Peru. These chilies may not be that spicy, but they lend a vibrant flavour to the dish it is added in. Just after you taste it, you feel a bitter and tangy aftertaste similar to lemon zest. 

Jalapeño from Mexico 

This chili is something we are all familiar with. This chili is flavourful and fiery and is commonly used in pizzas and cocktails. Remember? It was first cultivated in Mexico’s Veracruz but now, grown globally. Ever tried it? 

Isot Pepper from Turkey 

Also known as Urfa Biber, this Isot pepper was originated in Turkey. These peppers have a subtle smoky flavour and adds a vibrant flavour to the dishes. For those who don’t know, these spices are quite similar to the red jalapenos. 

Naga Morich from Bangladesh 

Similar in shape to Bhoot Jolokia, this chili comes from the south Bangladesh. This choli changes colour from light green to red, depending on its ripeness. It may look similar to Bhoot Jolokia but is a little spicier.  

How many of these chilies have you tried? Do let us know!