Mira Kapoor’s Breakfast Plate Is Empty Because She 'Ate It All'
Image Credit: Mira Kapoor/Instagram, The social media celebrity likes to eat healthy.

Mira Kapoor has become a sensation in her own right after marrying Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor. Juggling between several roles as a mother, an entrepreneur, an actor’s wife, and a social media influencer herself, we wonder how she manages to look bright and glowing at all times. It looks like the secret lies in her diet.

Take her recent breakfast meal, for instance. Mira recently took to her Instagram stories to share a glimpse of what she was having for breakfast. But to our surprise, her plate was completely empty. She posed a question to her viewers, saying, "What’s on my plate?" and then went on to answer below, "Nothing, cause I ate it all." This fun caption and picture made us smile right away in the morning.

To this, she also added that she had vermicelli upma for breakfast, which is one of her favourites of all time. For the uninitiated, upma is a South Indian breakfast dish that is usually made with semolina, aka rava. The roasted rava is mixed with chopped vegetables like onions, potatoes, carrots, beans, and green peas.

Tossed together with tempered mustard seeds and a few spices, it is a light and healthy breakfast item. The one that Mira polished off her plate was made with seviyan, aka vermicelli. She loved this breakfast dish, and well, her healthy diet was also maintained while keeping the taste intact. A lover of ghar ka khana and simple things, the mother of two likes to cook at home and feed her family and loved ones.